Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

July Love's

Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Remembering you in may wave your goodbye as I depart in hopes with bravery has fill your purpose of proposal in await of me counting days till our big days Await for me to come back A love that purest from our inner soul of heartbeat as one blessings from above a love that purest has sent to me without an end of our endless love like A blossom of rose 🌹 that has no end inside our heart where the seed of roses grows never die unless the heat die I walk aisle walk down the stair when the holy Verses I walk aisle down the stairs to reach the hand of my mom and our godmother and walk to our bridal sit beside you your vows and holy verses has been said our rings 💍 has been exchanged on our figures on our engagement on 12th July 16 of Tuesday evening the start light and the moon light above us at our ambassador godparent's house remember your words I love her 😍 I lost my words in a smile of amuse It was then our big day at the landmark hotel fill with white wedding pictures of photographs of you and I in a black and white capture just the two of us on Friday 15th of July 2016 on our big day that united us together in a holy blessing the wedding footage that we have finally completed that has been played for the guest in await of us to walk aisle as it ended we hug 🤗 with warm as we apart for a moment As the song start we walk out of the door his on the left side of the stair I'm on the right side we face each other just a four step down with a white bouquet 💐 of roses through our halfway a walk of our aisle we face each other in exchange of our rings 💍 symbol of our holy promises united with blessings from above the heaven and the earth we walk through shower of rose above us a walk through aisle down to the dance 💃 floor seems just like we the only one out of others around us our heartbeat Has plant seeds of roses 🌹 of flowers 🌺 rises blossom through time that blossom inside our heartbeat connected to our soul that purest love has planted inside our heart alike the ocean without limits like the heartbeat and soul and air that has kept us alive love that given strength bravery forgive carefree of heart an open arm where love hold us.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Form: Ballade

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 6, 2017

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