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Valuable Of Love

When it's comes to love
say how you feel
within the purest feeling
with every truthful words

Uptown Girl

I'm not a shame to say this
I'm declare I'm my dad little girl
Surely notice a rock trend
I may grow up with musician

Pure Heart

Mirical Of Love

Tears Keep On Fallen

Tears keep on fallen I lost my best aunty in the late 2005 in the cold December I lost my best uncle at the similar new year eve's lost out of no where in a land of lost

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31 January 2015

Don't jugged me in a narrow way don't pull me in your negativity I throw myself out caused I know the true thanks for the hate if negativity is what you want to say I'm walking out I won't leave foot print behind

31 January 2015

The best part when its came to loving you because love warm two hearts and two souls combine in One…

01 February 2015

I maybe a cover girl but I don't used much of make-up 24 hours or high heel every day I maybe a vocalist a poet of my own I'm real not fake.

01 February 2015

You can be beautiful without make-up only cream that give us a natural looked lip-glosses and eye-liner worth of famine that made you eye catching look

06 February 2015

Be polite be mannerly be understanding be open-minded be realistic

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awesome.. very awesome

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