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When it's comes to love
say how you feel
within the purest feeling
with every truthful words

I'm not a shame to say this
I'm declare I'm my dad little girl
Surely notice a rock trend
I may grow up with musician

Tears keep on fallen I lost my best aunty in the late 2005 in the cold December I lost my best uncle at the similar new year eve's lost out of no where in a land of lost

Let love share and seek us with forgiveness
Let love fill us with secure around us
Let loves heal us as through the hours
like the lovebirds making love

I long longingly for you
my lips are missing
your kisses only I can feel
those purest passionate

If I find you love, chances anew,
Forgive me, for my heart is true,
Healing will come, with each passing day,
As we walk together, come what may.

He called himself professor a lack of morality wrote a poem inhumanity slander harassment insult through a poem he wrote professor D.R he said she was rude what rudeness he wrote he said she delusional an eye like slut a nose a mouth like a mutt an insult harassment hate in his heart a poem he creat in his poem what kind of professor that insult a person he never know he never meet in his life what his right to say such an insulting poem out of her all the words he wrote was a false drama out of hate an insult harassment his name is Dennies Ryan a professor that's lack of morality inhumanity but an insulting speech of a poem he wrote out of hate like unconscious drunk person wrote a hate poem shame to say professor
all we know a professor give inspiration morality not an insult harassment out of hate

You cut me off like a thread
Like no sense of feelings
Are you blind to see?
That love captivated

Can't you felt the crack in the distance?
Of the heartache far too long

Where did love come from?

one last tears of lost
I lost myself finding out you're not there
one last moment in my prays tears
how I lost you its hurts

If we could just kiss like there never was a sore
Inside the heart to the depths of our heart
If only we could hold on each other once and last
In our heartbeat shout no matter the time we spent

My precious love

In my hopes In my heart in my prayer In my memory of you and I Like as time never passed our way all it's left is a remembrance of a yearly celebrations of the two of us to our precious memory to a moment in time

I'm blessed to be the first woman you ever loved
I'm blessed to be your first real girlfriend
a first true love who became your wife
you came into my life in a perfect time

I need you like
I need air mouth to mouth
to pump my breath again
to regain my heartbeat alive

I found hope loving you,
Amidst the darkness of my days,
A light that shone so bright and true,
Guiding me in countless ways.

Here comes the rain,

Here comes the rain clear
the grey sky above me

Loves make you losing in a passing of time of hours
loves can't easily be said by words
loves is like the sparkle of eyes met
when words can't easily be said

Misnia Bahri Biography

Putri Misnia Shary Bahri She not just Poetess but an Authoress solo artist songwriter making a comeback in her music world yes I do in the making, and her upcoming children's book There goes my baby is soon to be released. Follow her on her Instagram @misnia_bahri and Facebook page's Putri Misnia Shary Bahri, Misnia Bahri Awaludin, stage name Mia.Ba)

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Valuable Of Love

When it's comes to love
say how you feel
within the purest feeling
with every truthful words
from the heart within
it's the only way to know
how others feel

don't waste hours of time
in life of other cause
rejoice of happiness
distance away
when your heart
saying she or his the one
make sure it's matched
your heart desires
caused if it is surely sincerity
a holy vows of marriage met
with no wasted of hours
of year of someone's life
caused the purest love is
from the heartbeat within

Love fear to lose the one
they're loved purely
like the beating heartbeat
stronger than ever
expanding feelings
like the warmest sunshine
in the coldest winter
that how's love related
in a life of someone
forever and always

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Michelangelo Onicha 20 May 2015

awesome.. very awesome

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Misnia Bahri Quotes

Don't jugged me in a narrow way don't pull me in your negativity I throw myself out caused I know the true thanks for the hate if negativity is what you want to say I'm walking out I won't leave foot print behind

The best part when its came to loving you because love warm two hearts and two souls combine in One…

I maybe a cover girl but I don't used much of make-up 24 hours or high heel every day I maybe a vocalist a poet of my own I'm real not fake.

You can be beautiful without make-up only cream that give us a natural looked lip-glosses and eye-liner worth of famine that made you eye catching look

Be polite be mannerly be understanding be open-minded be realistic

Some woman don't feel to be unfinished without make-up a perfect shoes or either matching jewelry for a day.

For a perfect fitting chose of shoes' is the way you wear it comfortably through the years of month shoes may come in pointy heels flat and boots.

Every dress designed differently every woman comes in different shape and height trying a different kind of dress make you chose the right dress and make you finalized which is comfortable that suitable for your shape.

Crown prince and queen question of acknowledge beauty of mind a walk of pageants admire of beauty one stag we stand aisle we walk through different nation we stand as one beauty not just beauty smile not just smile beauty is from inside out reflected the face colors and beauty come together smile bright the daylight

Women of ambition we are what we are dream big think big successful is worth an effort building up hope lift a children spirit make a big different never yell at a child cause they will looked up to you career women are too busy focusing on job and family.

Gossip is just a wasted of time people talk for purpose they have nothing to do its human nature no matter how hard people bring you down nothing can ever effect your end bring down people will always be there clear yourself from negativity surround yourself with positive vibes

When high hope meet a man temptations they fall for you in a knack of time who hear you out without you noticing whom admire and loves your beauty from your inner heart reflect through your brightness smile in every relationship there always ups and down to maintain without distance between two souls understanding within an honesty advice when question may lead you through and required is the main priority voice out and hear out and strong understanding in a calmer of manners which lead to stronger bonding in relationships

I free my heartache once twice all the struggle that mark my pathway i trance you in reaching you through stormy weather in summer day through rainy fall of cold embrace air heart strength that dawdling that maybe froze in silent no words expressed in your secure of logging embrace with open arm within your open heart where the heart heal somehow sorrow fade away like if it ain't there you hold the heart of my that one shatter million times you place it with I let go of the obstacles that brutal that leading no where when promises became empty when action meaningless when high hopes don't meet proposal when chances lose faith and hope within us walking forward with no words is better then saying goodbye

sometime you learn the hardest moment that past teach you the lost which missing in between sometime heartache fade away when your heart ain't aware of losing someone is a task that lead you to a better someone finding someone is not the actual answer finding what felt right that secure your heart Don't let go the one who have high hope on you that meet togetherness no matter how risky may you pathway maybe leading you through who excepted you for whom you are through your flawless and your flaw an open arm that secure your heart whatever may come your way through shatter through happiness

If you hold a heart of someone and if that someone hold your heart withing secure you treasure them don't let them go the moment if you lost the one you love is a apart of a trial that lead you somewhere through your up and downfall through tears of sorrow soulmate come into your life when it appropriate time and finalized if your heart felt secure if only you ready to except the person and that person who excepted you for whom you are is the key to open the door to your happiness is to be positive well manner If a guy truly love you they hold your heart

Beauty soul is expensive beauty with a transparency heart bright within a smile loving heart within an open-minded and open arm people always come and go some mark a foot print within your journey kindness persona get shatter without or with knowing ain't revenge but let go surrounded yourself with positive vibes ignore the bring down bring down persona will be bring down gossip will always be gossip but the brave one will know you and dare to ask you in person rather then hearing false detail that bruting around the corner.

The real cowered among cowered is the one who try to bring you down for the goodness within you poser will always be poser they never learn how to speak the true but shatter the true within the lies that created among other's people run they're mount because they can't reach the goal that meet your successful in the filling career that you are in you eventually absent yourself among poser and clear you air and breathing and step away from all the negativity that has been put you through surrounded yourself with positivity and surrounded yourself with who admire your persona and your well behaving.

sometime love kisses us which shatters the heart that cant rest its take a longer year to be alright once your heart is free out of danger realizing and free from what trouble you the fool is the one whom poser promise and lead of betrayal and when you let go all that behind you you let go everything that hunt you through the faker of promise and through that hopeless a wait without even an action and wake away without seeing behind you but learn from it caused you let go the best things in life the real love that was once purest within you that no longer yours and you left and walk away without looking back that marking memory through vision caused you have limit of feting the hurt and reality that has shatter your heart you let go and walk away caused false promise never meet the upcoming married but betrayal feelings with torn both souls and heart high hopes shatter sometime one door meant to be closing and sometime that door meant for learning it worth of opening the next door loyal people will never be around much if they been rejected plenty of time and taken advantaged of its persona

The sweeties revenged which isn't revenged is the laughter and a bright smile that kills the people who try to put you down remember no one can ever can bring down your self-esteem

The purest love that mark your inner heart and soul is not finding the right person is basically finding the right place which your heart secure with loyalty understanding an open-arm to embrace who pick you up when your world fall apart when your heart shatter on your downfall pathway the purest heart in a person is appear on the face

A love of a father is everything to his daughter a love of a mom is a lot of meaning in every words through-ward her sons daughter's a home is a place of warming embrace of an open arm a placing warm meal in a plait surrounded by siblings the love among father & mom is an expanding sea that can't be divide stronger bonding between sibling like six senses of feelings without words but knowing like an open book that you can read through and deep understanding

Fiction writer are made up words and paragraph that pages the book in number poem is an art of inspiration of word that rhyming with sense of words of explanation.

Film and Music industry are both the same file of career finding a words base in movies lyrical background of voice of vocal

a minder of reader you one of a kind that no need of communication but through the thought that inner voice of mind and soul

The stronger women is unique classy posh the one whom hear the inner voice minder of reader heal the unseeing behind the shatter smile behind that broken heart and values other people when inner voice required to be hear and healing other firstly when she needed most.

Growing up with a musician background learning rock classic & pop ballad voice it out through your sentimental vocal an artistic mind of visualized of art within you brought out through the inspired artistic side of William Shakespeare player a poet and art work of Vincent van Gogh artistic side never grow old within your inner child.

She growing up in a classic rock ballad background with many house rule where rock ballad growth within her classy and posh style trend within her boy's best friend's in childhood memory received roses for no purpose familiar face a forgotten name as she grown up to be the young women she become within her

Love is an embracing longing of someone your heartbeat captivate in a carefree heart a warming peace within you and everlasting understanding through silent body language.

A man who love you truly will show through his action which meet his words and high hope on to proposal purpose meet togetherness till you grow older together.

It's never a lonely place when you have someone you truly love beside you An empty feeling is when your longing for the one you love truly feel an absent of her/him beside you like dusty summer longing for cold air shower of rain embrace.

A loving heart is an expanding love that increase an open door when flawless to flaw appear you pathway and loving hand an embracing arm to reach on to.

'Some people never seem to notice at first what the actual meaning of purest love until they lost it for good caused real person who truly deeply love that one person in every breath in every heartbeat movement with hand wide open and plenty of chances within forgiveness when hope seem hopeless but still praying through the shatter of heartbeat a carefree person with purest love surely not the fool until they walk out permanently without a foot print mark to be trace but empty puzzle remain inside'

'Love has no measurement of understands languages of silent behind tears behind shatter behind happiness'

'The stronger women are the one who has patience through the shatter heart that has fold her through the thicken situation betrayed by the fool whom willing to help other smile before her own will who put a smile overcome other first before her who stand her ground even it near of losing the grip on holding on to who erase other person tears before her'

'Purest love is sing of hope when hopeless shatter the heartbeat patience is a way of waiting for someone you truly love and carefree like a cure of cancer destroys the cell detect in the body that won't grow back that control and slow down the spreading growth that ease the symptoms and shrinks tumors that are causing the agony and pressure, the effect that no one could ever feel but you the silent agony the tiredness in every movement the silent sores of the mount throat nausea constipation lack of ease Nervous system effects that can't be explain'

'The main purpose that most womens hold back to undergo of chemotherapy is to avoid baldness effect are still the same either you undergo either not the strongest women are the one who has a brighter smile laughter of bereavement behind the struggle healing other before her own will'

''Broken piano are actually people of broken memory where dream shatter faded in time remembrance that weakens the one whom dear to them the music never sound as jolly as it was never played the same as it was before abandon piano rhythm unsightly right I lay my hand above the keyboard in a lovely remembrance of a late grandpa''

With the moon reflected in your gaze Con la luna reflejada en tu mirada captive of your love that there is no way to cautivo de tu amor que no hay forma de forget your kisses olvidarme tus besos

Perdonar es una curación silenciosa Forgiveness is a silent healing El amor es la cura love is the cure Cuando la agonía se destroza el corazón When the agony shatters the heart Love is the cure that facilitates the entire agony El amor es la cura que facilita toda la agonía

Inner Goth in me "Worship god sense of taste of heavy metal black metal music genre darkly lyrical and ghostly art paint and poetry creative writing of vampire romance none satanic open-minded silent calm not too darkly or gloomy character get along with other individuals "!

The best love story, in reality, is when you love someone who loves you endlessly you end up tight a note that purpose met the proposal and shown you the real art of true loves without a longer of waiting.

The art of love is basically the carefree loving heart forgiving without been ask for loving one person completely even her tear and heart wound that he may maker her heart but she loves him purest love slip away a blind man ar the one who seen all in her after all this year he can't risk for her till love slip through his figure she was gone as the healing wound ease.

Infinity of pure love is through the action of words a carefree at heart seek of purpose that met proposal like the sunflower blossom in summer heat of July wedding eve's around the corner the pure beauty of pure love is when you love a person and he loves you back and marrying each other without slipping through your fingertips you found your spouse talk like best friend's love like boyfriend & girlfriend that what spouse is about.

I'm not bulletproof women I forgive I give chances when I'm done I'm done and walk away completely I'm nothing like other lady avoid gossiping area, not a pretender a lot of hurts may drift me but I guide help other people's firstly and replace the hurt tears that may drip down ease it secure the agony of heartache that may blindfold them I reach my hand out with a carefree heart.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

M is for Motherly, protective of your loved ones A is for Adventurous, willing to take care R is for Respect, honored by your presence in my life L is for life, the life of every party I is for I, I love you. A is for Ace, you are truly no.1, mom! N is for Nice, a quality you possess bountiful A if for Affectionate, you are so loving MARLIANA, my guardian angel

Love is when you come into my life within your purpose to my parents to take my hand to be your wife with purest of your love like the heartbeat your soul like the sea air.

Love is when the heartbeat speak in silent when two heartbeats can fell and heard Soulmates @misnia.shary

Every time When I'm looking down from the top building feel as I'm falling the body and the heartbeat start to shaking somehow you are somewhere else far where you are standing at, at the same time feeling somehow you fall.

Educate instead yelling abuse word by words is definitely a bad manner what made mannerly existed is teaching a younger pupils by the words you teach them the way you talk to them automatically they adapt the words easily through their behaviour and communication in a younger learning system.

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Misnia Bahri Popularity

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