Uptown Girl Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Uptown Girl

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I'm not a shame to say this
I'm declare I'm my dad little girl
Surely notice a rock trend
I may grow up with musician
Classic opera soft rock ballad
My childhood best friends nicknaming
Me flower girl ever since
I was younger then

My heart is made of petal of roses
My childhood friends may recognized me
As an uptown girl from the block
Who wear high heels everywhere she goes

Who play piano singing "Hey Jude" with Papa
In a younger age in late 97's
The track of #23rd the album Love by Beatles
I'm sure aware my dad the rock star
I'm just a girl who love the trend of 97's style
And its stays with me no matter how old I get
Rock Goth trend don't dies in fashion and music industry

Baquee Billah Ahmed 03 September 2018

so nice poem................................................

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Dr Antony Theodore 28 April 2018

My heart is made of petal of roses Rock Goth trend don't dies in fashion.a very good poem dear poetess. sticking one theme in a poem is always good. thank u very much. tony

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Vipins Puthooran 02 June 2015

My heart is made of petal of roses - excellent/

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 19 February 2015

Hello Shania. I enjoyed your poem of passion, the seemingly respect and knowledge of your topic, the tribute it gives.. I enjoyed, Loyd

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