Putri Misnia Shary Bahri Poems

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Valuable Of Love

When it's comes to love
say how you feel
within the purest feeling
with every truthful words

Uptown Girl

I'm not a shame to say this
I'm declare I'm my dad little girl
Surely notice a rock trend
I may grow up with musician

Pure Heart

Mirical Of Love

Tears Keep On Fallen

Tears keep on fallen I lost my best aunty in the late 2005 in the cold December I lost my best uncle at the similar new year eve's lost out of no where in a land of lost

Drifted Love

Let love share and seek us with forgiveness
Let love fill us with secure around us
Let loves heal us as through the hours
like the lovebirds making love

Longingly For You

I long longingly for you
my lips are missing
your kisses only I can feel
those purest passionate

With Your Love In The Morning

Hilos De Amor- Threads Of Love (Classic Rock Ballad)

You cut me off like a thread
Like no sense of feelings
Are you blind to see?
That love captivated

Bella Calamidades- Beautiful But Unlucky (Classic Ballad)

Can't you felt the crack in the distance?
Of the heartache far too long

Where did love come from?

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