Tears Keep On Fallen Poem by Misnia Bahri Awaludin

Tears Keep On Fallen

Rating: 5.0

Tears keep on fallen I lost my best aunty in the late 2005 in the cold December I lost my best uncle at the similar new year eve's lost out of no where in a land of lost

I lost the best men that is my best friend my grandpa
I never thought that I would lost the men that I love
Granny at the hospital, How much more tears I can bury?

I have no one to share the lost
I have no shoulder to lay my head
I have no one to talk it through just
to felt better at heart

a comfort arm to be lay onto, there wasn't anyone
you have found someone, I pray to God she won't
break or trash your heart or played your feelings
like fool of betrayed five days to count down
till new year eve's
I never want to played a heart of someone
It really harm a person
Maybe I have my dream job of Music and a poet
but I can't seem to sing the same way Like I did
My heart dying I can't seem to sing my lyrics
with expressing from my heart

Direction we walk apart you never really never
care or loved me I can't explain how its hurts, My
heart will never felt the secure

I have no regret this time
Caused you will lost the person who love you most
if someday your realized That you need me
I won't be there caused you let me go
I won't be around
I found the happiness but you throw me
out of your life, and left me speechless
with a broke heart but if only you have a heart
You would have know how its felt

Dr Antony Theodore 26 March 2016

I have no one to share the lost I have no shoulder to lay my head I have no one to talk it through just to felt better at heart.... at the end. if you had a heart, you would have felt how............. complicated and sad emotions put together in life's real context. a very nice poem. i liked the simplicity of your verses. thank you dear poetess. tony

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Akhtar Jawad 14 February 2015

Death lays its icy hands on the kings even, we are helpless, your strong feelings and love for the dearest persons lost has created a heart touching poem...............10

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 December 2013

A nice lyrical piece. Sorry for yor losses but how u write poetry is a gain n so much finer. Gud to read u again poetess.

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Anil Kumar Panda 26 December 2013

Emotionally strong ink.Very nice.Keep your pen bleeding Putri.

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