Just Around The River Bend Poem by Hime Hiroda

Just Around The River Bend

Spring has come! Rejoice my soul for the frost is gone;
The blue that encased is now melted,
And the trees with scents are now sprayed
All with blooms be dewed, arrayed.

The golden fingers of my Phoebus friend
Point me to the verdant path beyond the river bend
I smile and ask so sweetly what wonders shall be met,
But again he pointed and bid me to go, he, my Phoebus friend.

The sweet gentle zephyrs bid me tarry not
For they, ever so gently, pull on me and my what-not;
I smile for I am happy that spring is back to me
So I let go of my chains and let the winds carry me.

My feet never touched the earthen ground
All thanks to the airy friends whom I found
Who labored to get me quickly
To this soft, carpeted river bend.

And when my feet touched the humid bed
My lips parted in awe of the wonders my eyes met;
Jewel-crested petals of blooms all around
That bedecked the cozy carpeted ground.

And all around me, oh trees of wondrous might!
So unique, so beautiful, so pleasant to my sight.
But there, in the midst of the garden
Is a single tree, glittery with foliage golden.

Phoebus beckoned me to draw near
Light on it shone did he;
I smelled a scent and I fell into a trance;
I felt like a deity being offered incense.

But my Phoebus friend and flighty sisters
Brought me back to my senses;
Not only from the trance did they free me,
But from the ignorance that encumbered me.

My lady, my sister! said Phoebus to me,
See here this majestic and wonderful tree;
It shoots out bejeweled blooms of a thousand hues
All because of your love so pure, so true.

And that fragrant scent that suddenly entrances
That which takes one out of his senses
Is nothing else but your own selfless soul
That warms and comforts those weary and cold.

Look my beloved sister!
At the fruits with the silver glitter;
Be not deceived by their sheen and luster
Lest your life be cruel and you, a miser.

These fruits of silver in this tree of gold
Are but young, unripe, and not for you to hold.
Wait till they are of a crystalline hue,
Then, and only then, shall they be safe for you.

We brought you here, my rays and the zephyrs
To warn you, from the pits, to stay clear;
For we, in our hearts, hold you dear
And we wish not that you shed bitter tears.

Come, see here my sister fair
That tree of gold and glittering jewels?
That is for you and the only One
Only for the both of you - no one else.

So pick not the fruits until they are ready;
You have life ahead of you, you need not hurry
For now, content yourself with flowers and leaves of light,
Then you shall savor those fruits with such delight.

Pick not the fruits, climb not the branches
For if you fall, it will be more than scratches.
Great will be the pain for the ground is hard
And this here pain is that of a broken heart.

Rejoice, fair sister, in this loving garden that you have made
In here, faithfully, tirelessly you must wait.
And together, you and your one true love
Shall have a taste of the fruits from the branches above.

Pick not in haste the fruits unripe
For what use is luster when the taste is not right?
What is the value of a cold orb of silver
When you are dying of thirst and hunger?

To kindle love just at the right moment
Is, for all of us, a prayer fervent;
To be in the arms of the right lover
Is to bask in sunshine till the end of forever.

Grief to you will be as the east is from the west
It will be, for you, a traveler's rest.
It will be as if spring has become your friend,
And after that, glorious summers without an end.

And as to Phoebus I quietly listened,
I looked upon the waters of the river bend
It is a fitting mirror for my soul so mellow
Smooth, quiet, and the clear waters shallow.

On my lips formed a small, wistful smile
As an image formed on the waters after a while;
I looked on and thought all will be fine
For I heard a voice say, 'I will make you mine.'

This fine spring morning with my loves, One and all,
Did Phoebus and the zephyrs with their merriment enthrall.
'Tis a celebration of spring, of love's glorious ascent
'Tis a time for the fruits, the blooms, and the sweet alluring scents!

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