Just Let It Go! We All Deal With Family Bereavement; It's Quite Commonplace! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Just Let It Go! We All Deal With Family Bereavement; It's Quite Commonplace!

By Stanley Collymore

You actually need to move on and
stop being maudlin. Bringing
this woman's name up
every simply contrived opportunity isn't
going to save the British monarchy, as
it's finally been actually, quite publicly
rumbled for what it undoubtedly is; a
feudal mafia that's really ensconced
in the 21st Century. And very simply
as for Liz Windsor herself she quite
personally and evidently effectively
generally and crucially persistently
interfered - so much for this rather
supposedly crucially very vaunted
non political monarchy - in clearly
over 1000 laws to basically make
absolutely sure that she naturally
had exemptions during her entire
reign, for the exclusive benefit of
herself, her family members and
their individual as well as simply
collective, huge financial affairs!

Liz also had herself and her entire
family and their households fully
exempted also from the British
Race Relations Act in 1965, an odiously
very heinous, state of affairs that's still
prevalent to this actual day, and hence
their rather discernibly all-white, white
supremacist and quite indelibly racist
employees. So don't try, to really feed
me shit about these people, and also
ardently attempt to literally persuade
me that it's chocolate as it just won't
work. British I was clearly enforcedly
born but I'm simply no serf, plebeian
or gullible sycophant quite distinctly
where these grifters, are concerned!
And from my very unapologetic and
actually personal perspective Lizzie
Windsor was obviously a real threat
to burgeoning meritocracy, crucially
sensibly, discernibly true equality of
opportunity and natural democracy!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 April 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Liz died much earlier than they announced her death, for sure! Furthermore, distinctly throughout her 70 year reign this laughably supposedly constitutional and distinctively as well unquestionably apolitical monarch, purposely and rather pro-actively interfered in significantly well over 1000 pieces of UK parliamentary legislation to discernibly her own, as well as her family's quite evidently and obviously undoubted benefit. Literally no thoughts or concern for the interests of the crucially serfs, plebs and subjects who effectively kept her in the rather grandiose manner to which she'd essentially become generally accustomed to, and undoubtedly felt was her entitlement! Rather consistent interference politically and financially that evidently over those 70 years quite clearly meant in excess of 14 interventions every year; and it's not rocket science to actually ascertain that there are simply 12 months in each year. So Liz clearly was a distinctly self-serving, busy girl!

As for all those actually white KKK - esque employees across the palace and likewise monarchical family spectra and clearly still toxically infest the same today, discernibly having Harry marry Meghan was evidently always going to be a very serious problem for them from their racist perspective, and while they could with equanimity, naturally accept a white stalking gold digger as the ancillary choice of William, who was quite pointedly, discernibly turned down by two previous women he'd asked to marry him; at least his surrogate Kate was white and didn't like Harry's choice obviously blemish the simply, crucially all-white perception of the UK 'Royal Family'. In essence, the very toxically verminous scum that provide the right-wing and racist media with quite self-evidently their daily anti-Meghan fix! Lol!

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Dennis Ryan 22 April 2024

You are a self-righteous, Mr. Know It All who has skeletons in his own closet.

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Dennis Ryan 22 April 2024

You are a blow heart, a self-righteous blow heart a Mr.

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