Fallen Angel

Rookie (october 8th / hershey)

Just Sleep - Poem by Fallen Angel

I can't go to sleep
Because I'm afraid to dream
Because my dreams
Turn into nightmares
Dreamland calls my name
As I wish for
Night to end
Permanent insomnia is my new
Best friend
When I sail to Dream Land
My ship always sinks and
Drowns the crew
Captain skipper and deckhand
All lost in the stormy
Waves of my head
I want to escape the
Frigid clutches
Of those terrible twisting terrors
That dare
To call themselves my dreams
They run rampant
Through my brain
When I submit myself to sleep
They steal my favorite
People and turn them
Into corpses who haunt
Me only in my head
Only when I sleep
When my eyes close their
Eyes open and when I begin to
Sleep they begin to wake
And wind themselves
Through my mind
Searching for new materials
To weave their
New horror clothes
Like cyanide satin, suffocation silk
Maybe drowning denim perhaps
Poison polyester
Possibly fire flannel or vicious velvet
Or maybe the old standby
Cutthroat cotton
Oh the intricate garments
They weave, these nightmares
Always some new
Apparrel to torture me with
Sometimes I'm lucky
And I dream of only me
Getting hurt
Or being chased and killed
By maniacs
With psychotic fire
Burning inside their eyes
While I sprint across
The plains of murder
To try to get to yesterday always
Knowing that I could never
Reach it
Or if I'm really
Lucky, I dream of strange
Images that mesh together
Quite nicely
Like happy floating skeletons
And fat babies
Eating apple pie around a
Black dinner table that's upside down
On the top of the clock
Or I watch walking plants
Wave to new neighbors from the
White windows of their new shoes
And bankers return to their mountain
In the middle of pianoes
Who play broken keys to the tune
Of my childhood and
Your future
Always in the background of my
Dreams, be they terrors or strangers
There is music sometimes
Soft sometimes loud always
A melody of goodbyes and choices
And cemetaries and parades
That go on to the end
When I hear the music
It's like
Listening to your faith
In God and a mothers love
Mixed with a beat of a heart
With a death wish and
A hanging rope
It is wondrous and glorious this
And that is the only reason I
Relinquish myself to sleep
Even though I know full
Well that I will scream
And cry and be filled with
Sadness and fear because of
My dreams, I keep dreaming
To hear that tune
Played on my
Heartstrings every night when I
Sail to dreamland
Because the music is me
And it is beautiful
And the day it stops is
The day I breathe my last.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 16, 2010

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