Just This Once! ! ! Poem by shreya koppaka

Just This Once! ! !

Rating: 5.0

After long in my heart a wish has commence,
Oh god can you give me just this once

Those afternoons in the summer holidays,
When I tried to learn bicycle on rough roadways,
All by myself and fell many a time,
Can you give back those injuries of mine,
Just this once?
When I entered a class full of strangers,
And felt now life would be full of dangers,
No sense made to me the teachers talks,
Can you return to me those lonely walks
Just this once?

The first time monitor I was elected,
Out of all I was selected,
My pride can you return,
When I saw my enemy’s face burn,
Just this once?
When I got late to school,
And broke the punctuality rule,
I gave reasons so lame,
Can you bring back that experience of shame,
Just this once?
When from morning to evening I was at home,
With nobody just me alone,
Excitement with a little fear,
Can you give that back god O dear,
Just this once?
Maybe it is not possible for you to do so,
But god I would like to know,
Can I keep all of it in my mind forever,
And forget them never?
But these old memories are fading,
As new ones are evading,
To remember them always hence,
Let me live them again,
Just this once! ! ! !

Uday Sagar 10 January 2008

no words... how can u write? its true.... what u write...ofcourse i do write...but these r highly peak....

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Swathi Vasanthapuram 19 December 2005

10/10....... dats it, i can say ! ! !

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