Irony Of Fate

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I decided my life was worth dying,
Because most of it I ha spent crying,
I was nothing but an insignificant spick of dust,
Who was occupying valuable space on earth,
So all I wanted was death peaceful,
For me that was the only thing wonderful,
I thought I had many ways of doing it,
Painless, was thing which was fit,
First I thought of jumping off a building,
My fate, I found only two storied on finding,
Jumping off them I would only break a leg,
That would be miserable I’d rather be dead,
Then I thought rat poison would do the trick,
But eating that even rats don’t get sick,
I tried hanging myself down the ceiling,
But all I could get was a ticklish feeling,
I thought of cutting, shooting, drowning myself to death,
But all failed and were of no help,
Then I thought I would get hit by vehicles,
But for half an hour the road had only bicycles,
Funny isn’t failing to die?
Then I felt tired even to try,
Was death just running away from me?
Does this mean things happen when meant to be?
I then realised what a foolish girl I had been,
I had failed to understand what life and death mean.
It was like every part of me said I want to live,
And I would learn to forget and forgive,

Here I heard a big noise,
The person above me was shouting in a loud voice,
Around me I could see my blood so red,
As a big boulder hit my head,
My resolution and enlightment had all gone waste,
Only because of that worker’s haste,
I was dying at that very precious moment,
When my mind, the want for death had left,
I never understood what this meant,
Maybe its just the irony of fate.

Sarat Ambatipudi 26 June 2009

did u try all those or is it just a poem WRITTEN? ? ?

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Uday Sagar 10 January 2008

absurdity.....but may it seems u r some where i correct? but reallly nice...

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Swathi Vasanthapuram 19 December 2005

nice one dude... -- started wid few funny attempts to die(though all in vain) but then ended up wid 'irony of fate'-- simply superb! ! !

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