Do I Want To Fall In Love? ? ? ? Poem by shreya koppaka

Do I Want To Fall In Love? ? ? ?

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I look for my Mr. Right,
Immense pleasure to me gives this task,
But in my entire search,
A question to myself I ask…..
Do I really want to fall in love? ? ?

I see hearts being broken all the time,
I see friendships being sadly shattered,
I see people acting like complete strangers,
To those who ones really mattered…..
Do I still want to fall in love? ? ?

Sleepless nights, worried mornings,
Stressful days, infinite anticipation,
Silly insecurities, outrageous jealousy,
All these feelings along with commitment hesitation….
Do I still want to fall in love? ? ?

First to find the right person,
Then to make up he courage to confess,
And become strong enough to survive rejection,
All this just for a long lasting mess…..
Do I still want to fall in love? ? ?

To bear the pain of being in a relationship,
And to survive the struggle of coexistence,
To live to the expectation of theother,
I ask myself this question often hence….
Do I still want to fall in love? ? ? ?

But to think of the elated feeling of completeness,
The everlasting glee, the joy never ending,
The thought that I am being taken care for life,
And that on smile someone’s happiness is depending….

So I tell myself off course,
In love I certainly want to fall,
Because great people have said and gone,
That it is better to have love and lost than to never love at all……………

Swathi Vasanthapuram 19 December 2005

after reading ur poem..... i ve strengthened my decision.......'yessss! ! ! i wanna fall in luv! '

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Allemagne Roßmann 23 January 2010

Wallahamdullilah! quite passionate and bedlam of heart breaking loose.Waliqum salaam. Ray

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Ted M 02 July 2009

I think it is a great feeling to be loved and trusted.2 minds to think as one. You have presented the scare of uncertainty in the mind of a lady well.

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Richa Dhodi 12 May 2008

nicely prosed.. please read my poem.. 'Are love relationships today nothing but a formality..' i hope it connect your thoughts someway.. ric...

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You nicely illustrate a question we all ask. Sometimes, I think the answer is no, but one never gives up the search.

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Uday Sagar 10 January 2008

this poem resemble to my past. but not in love... in frnd ship... thanks 4 nice poem

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