shreya koppaka Poems

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining! !

There is darkness all around,
It’s only silence no sound,
In the black it looks like,
There won’t be day but only night,

Proud To Be A Woman

Now that I am eighteen, a mature person,
I realize how lucky I am to be a woman,
Because she is smart and an intellectual,
And she deserves to be treated as an individual,

I Remember You

Early in the morning when the birds sings,
Light to this world the sun brings,
When the dew drops like pearls shine,
I remember you in this heart of mine.

Irony Of Fate

I decided my life was worth dying,
Because most of it I ha spent crying,
I was nothing but an insignificant spick of dust,
Who was occupying valuable space on earth,

Just This Once! ! !

After long in my heart a wish has commence,
Oh god can you give me just this once

Those afternoons in the summer holidays,

Joys Of Life

At dusk time time, the sun set,
When the sky covers a blanket of red,
The sun melts into the ocean,
Giving way to the moon on the cloudy cusion,

No Dawn...

I am nothing but an insignificant spec of dust,
Occupying useful space on the earth’s crust,
My voice is no longer heard by anyone,
My name no longer people mention,

My Silent Phone

Sitting in a quiet room,
seriously reading my book,
Realized my phone wasn’t around,
In silent it must be ringing off the hook,

Beautiful Indeed

Once to a garden, very large,
A gardener was made in charge,
Roses, he thought he would plant there,
Of varieties rich and rare,


The day we met each other,
I never thought our relation would grow further,
Because though we walked on the same path,
We were never walking together.

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