Just Way Too Much! Poem by Nadalia Bagratuni

Just Way Too Much!

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Don't you love accounting,
It is not an exact science,
Some people love to count,
Other seem to love to say no,
If you like both accounting you will go!

In the school business,
No one but give you any more of this,
Than the office in charge of business.

This money counting persons,
Will count every last red cent,
Until all of the money is spent.
They will even help you along.

That was so nice,
A hundred there and couple more here,
Oh it is money,
Who will miss it.

The problem you see it ever since Perot,
We have tried to run school the same a businees is run.
Can I help it I work for Enron!

Just for example,
Let me explain,
How a field trip the other for several miles,
Cost me thousands of dollars and drove the principal insane.

First, there was the driver,
We paid for eight hours,
She drove for twenty minutes and then
Shopped for seven hours.

Second, we paid was the gas,
At one dollar a mile,
I thought that would cover all of that.

Oh no said the business office people,
We could possible do that,
We have to have our money accounted for better than that.

Didn't you know it more like hundred dollars
An mile, the real expense.

I told them we will walk and would save time,
We got the excercise,
And my students improved their minds.

Now, in the future,
I will wait,
And never agin make that mistake.
In the land of numbers,
I draw a zero,
But to my students I want to be the hero.

From now on,
You will see,
We will do all of our field trips
By walking!

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