Sophisticated Sophomore Poem by Doctor Dashaun Snipes

Sophisticated Sophomore

Rating: 5.0

She was just a sophomore
When she dropped out of school
Thought she knew what she wanted
But it wasn't the golden rule
At fifteen, she was pregnant
Her whole life ahead of her
But now she had to put it on hold
And her dreams, they began to blur
Barely midway through tenth grade
She couldn't even imagine a junior
She wanted to prove she was someone
But now, her life was in a blur
She wanted to grow up too fast
To show her peers and parents
But now she's got a newborn
And her life, it couldn't be transparent
What will they say
When they get the phone call
That she's got a baby on the way
And she's not graduating at all
She's got to get out of school
And find a way to provide
For her future grandchild
She can't let them down, she'll try
She may have dropped out
But she's still a sophisticated sophomore
And she'll do whatever it takes
To provide for her child, for sure
Her dreams may have been put on pause
But she knows she can still succeed
As a mother and as a person
She's got all the strength she needs
So here's to the high school dropout
A strong and determined soul
She may have taken a different path
But she's still in control
She may not have a diploma
But she's got love, strength, and drive
She's a sophisticated sophomore
And at most prosperous, she'll thrive.

Authorship by Dr. Dashaun Snipes
©Dr. Dashaun Snipes
® Sophisticated Sophomore

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