Kathleen Buicke Poem by Francis Duggan

Kathleen Buicke

One of the Sullivans of Coalpits a well known Duhallow clan
And predeceased by her husband Patrick Buicke an ex Irish Army man
When i was a young fellow Kathleen Buicke was in her prime
And memories of her beauty have withstood the test of time.

The matriarch of the Murphy's Terrace Buickes that would seem fair to say
She was the quiet achiever in her own quiet way
Of her true worth of a good human being she cannot be denied
And in the lives of her children and grandchildren her passing has left a void.

In the lives of the Buicke family there is none to take her place
And in the hearts of those who knew her her's is a remembered face
In the Terrace and in Millstreet Town she will never be seen again
But memories of the person she was with those who knew her will remain.

Time does remain as our master and time for anyone doesn't wait
And we cannot live forever on us all a use by date
Kathleen Buicke she had her innings and she made the most out of her life
To her children a good mother and to Patrick Buicke a good wife.

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