Kaila George

Freshman - 983 Points (20 October 1962 / New Zealand)

Kaylannas Journey (Part Three) - Poem by Kaila George

He stood inside the huge stable, were he worked upon the metal that he was named after, by a Father, who he had never seen eye to eye, in all the time he was growing up, pounding on the hot scolding metal he was forging, a fine twin blade sword, for his young ward that lay asleep in her bed

He recalled her pain, her anger, her sobbing at night when she was in a deep sleep, his heart bled not only for her but his long time friend, who now was no longer of this world, a glint of steel reflected in his eye, he pounded upon the metal, even harder than was normally intended

He could sense her before she even came to the stable door, since the attack on the village last night, his old sixth sense now kicked in, alert at all times, searching for any intruders, but he could hear her soft footsteps as Kaylanna, walked towards the stable, his heart sad for his ward

He heard her stop at the door, and bellowed loudly, 'Don't just stand there girl, bring me that damned bucket over there, and fill it with water as you go young lass, I am almost done' Kaylanna just stood in stunned silence, and Anvil just grunted, 'I swear child, I will burn myself before you even get here to me before I finish, now hurry child' he grinned as he said this

He could hear her scuttle about, heaving and huffing as she lugged the huge bucket to his side, 'There you go sir' she said as loud as she could, once he knew the bucket was close enough for him, then and only then did he glance at his new ward, a Meer slip of a girl just turning fifteen, already showing the signs of womanhood, and as he thought to himself, ' Aie I will have trouble with this one, keeping the damn wolves at bay', he grunted to himself at this tedious thought

'So young lass', as he glanced in her direction, 'how are you feeling today', Kaylanna simply nodded, awe struck at such a giant of a man, 'Speak up child, I know you have a blasted tongue, you've been screaming in my ear for the past two nights' Kaylanna just baulked and stared at him, scared and angry with herself for feeling so useless and helpless

Anvil stared at her and softened, 'Come child grab me those stools over there, come sit with an old man for awhile, while these fine blades cool', she obediently did as she was told, dragging the stools as close as she could to Anvil, then stopping, exhausted, stood in front of Anvil with defiance, she was not gonna let this get the best of her

He sighed as he said a little more quietly, ' Child I am not here to scold you, merely to listen should you need to talk, now sit child', Kaylanna felt like a huge burden had been lifted off her shoulders, they sagged as she plonked herself on the stool next to him, she could barely talk, as once more her tears cascaded down her cheeks, Anvil shook his head in sadness

All he could do was comfort her as best he could, he let her cry on his shoulders, as he swore to himself that he would teach his charge all there is to know about fighting, Magic, Archery, whatever it takes to help her avenge the loss of her parents, he himself had a score to settle with this villain…yes he needed to prepare her well

© Kaila George 2013

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