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Live In Peace And Harmony

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I once was asked
Is there peace
In this world

I wish I could say
Yes there is peace
In this life

But the war's
Are to many
People die
Every day

What can we do?
To stop death in its wake

Why must men
Take a human life

Why must men
Fight for their lives

In wars that are senseless
Ignoring the frailty of life

Teardrops are falling
At all the lost souls

Will humanity ever see?
This world
Live in Peace and Harmony

All I can do is cry
All I can do is pray

That we all live to see
Peace and Harmony in our lives

I was asked here is there peace in this world...who am I to say what is and isnt war...but dont we all wish there was peace and harmony in this world of ours.
Edward Kofi Louis 25 December 2015

Wickedness had taken away the peace of the earth! Nice work.

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Dr Antony Theodore 25 August 2015

All I can do is cry All I can do is pray That we all live to see Peace and Harmony in our lives So very true! ! ! there is a sort of helplessness. what can we do in this terrible world. i hope that all poets should use their mighty pen to change this world. thank you.

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Valerie Dohren 11 July 2012

This is something we all wish for - good one.

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Peace in society it is thought hinges on the decisions of a nations leadership...When in fact society is what We, as a people, from different creeds, cultures and colors refuse to do...Take this site as an example...We have people from over 200 nations, if not more...Take this site for example...Do you think that the mass majority of members here would refuse to read a poem written by a member from a nation that might currently be at laggerheads with theirs? I'll bet not! And, there ya go...We here on PH without any influence other than a positive one...We all have 1 very large common ndenominator...P O E T R Y...Names, religions, color and cultures are insignifigant...Why? Because we, the poemhunters say so...Ergo...we have a peaceful, warm siteof as many members as some small countries! Excellent Write, Kaila..~FjR~

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