Kaila George

Freshman - 983 Points (20 October 1962 / New Zealand)

Kaylannas Journey (Part Two) - Poem by Kaila George

She sits upon the mountaintop looking out towards the pillar of clouds that float around the mountain as she sits on the edge of the cliff, her thoughts tumbled back to the day of her pain and sorrow when she was but a child, and recalled that fateful night

Memories burnt into her mind, the fire, the smoke, the smell of burning flesh invades her delicate senses, she recalled the oath she promised to her Mother and Father that early morning of their demise

One lone teardrop falls from her ebony black eyes as she sits there contemplating her sorrow and remembers the day she came to be here, her mentor, advisor, and father figure Anvil had taken her that day from the ravaged village

She was like a broken flower ravaged by all that had happened that fateful night, she awoke a few days later to a room that was strange to her, but peaceful, looking upon her attire, she gasped

Nightclothes, had been replaced with her clothes from the day before, she quickly spied new and cleaned clothes piled next to her bed were she had slept ready for a new day

Eyes adjusting to the early morning light she crept out of bed to change, hearing a distant clanging sound, she looked around in awe, the beige coloured room was simple but beautiful as motifs of flowers adorned the skirting's and windows

Silently she padded to the door, peeking down the hall that leads to a spiral stairwell, she sniffed the air as she was, accosted with the aroma of freshly cooked food, her stomach rumbling, she made her way downstairs

The humble room that greeted her sight was pleasing and pleasant to her eyes; she spied a bookshelf in one corner covered in an assortment of books

Next to that was an open fireplace with a mantel laden with miscellaneous items and strange looking jars, the warm smouldering fire burning the embers of coal as the smoke drifted through the chimney

A table just in front of the fire, upon the table a chessboard with beautiful and intricate carvings of game pieces ready to play accompanied with chairs, in the other corner, a giant bed, with soft downing covers and pillows ready made

Her eyes focussed on the food where the dining table stood, just across from the fireplace, laden with freshly cooked food, and fresh milk in a jug, glancing around she quickly walked over to the table, and scoffed down what she could eat and drink

The loud clanging sound increased in volume as she had made her way down stairs, once satisfied of her hunger and thirst, she walked slowly towards the open door

Once at the door, she suddenly recalled a time, where she and her parents, had stopped by Anvils abode, the Mage and Worrier, that had been a long time family friend with her father, and knew instantly were she was

The clanging had grown even louder, as she stepped out the door, to investigate where her mentor and friend was working…

©Kaila George

(To be continued)

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