Kenya, Our Motherland Poem by priscah Mutswenje

Kenya, Our Motherland

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In the middle of the African medal map
Sits Kenya, an expansive breathtaking beautiful bright chap
Hooked and booked for life that overflows its tap
With streams, hills, and valleys that perturb
Tembea Kenya, it is me and you

Waiting in the dark, are its lively lions
Walking in the day, stand the steady elephants
And the tall bouncing buffaloes amuse its fans
As they tour the surrounded by a fair classic fence

Spacious sceneries of Maasai Mara, Tsavo, and Amboseli,
Mount Kenya, Sawia, Hells Gates created wonderfully
Inspiring flamingoes, sensuous beaches stand beautifully
The hot springs appetizingly flowing baldy and boldly

A survivor of sunshine a beneficiary of the rain
Silently witnessing the from the vast plain
Pulling its young ones from the malicious chain
Until its calves escape the piercing pain

Kenya our motherland, nourishing seas with springs
Beyond are diverse and sweet seductive songs
That lull and humour to press down pangs
See the trees, sisal, bamboo and many strings

Come tour Kenya a land of massive vicinities
Learn your motherland and its bountiful beauties
In its parks, hot springs, museum with monumentalities
See the lovely evidence of violent now passive volcanicities

Come to the Great Rift Valley, Kiboko Bay and Haller park
See the Manda Bay, Wasini Island, Mt. Kenya National Park
Our city Nairobi and Mombasa await with a full and sure pack
Mt Elgon, Fourteen Falls rise and fall in the Kenyan Ark

Tour Kenya Kenyans it is your mother
Visit Kenya Kenyans, seek a sister and brother
Let's fancy these golden opportunities together
Come our beloved tourists it is no land as other


Part 3. Speaking of S. K. Pottekkat, he was was a writer of great talent and had won the Indian Jnanapeeth Award, the greatest Literary Honour instituted by the Government. He was a Member of Indian Parliament too.

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Part 2. I read this travelogue as a child and gained first knowledge about this enchanting land.

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2. I read this travelogue as a child and

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Marvellous tribute to this great beautiful land of Kenya. The beauty of the land was introduced to us, the people of Kerala, India, some sixty years back by great traveler and writer S. K. Pottekkat.

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