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In the middle of the African medal map
Sits Kenya, an expansive breathtaking beautiful bright chap
Hooked and booked for life that overflows its tap
With streams, hills, and valleys that perturb

It soothes when it sinks deep into us
It soothes when it sinks deep into us
It fools when it holds our words
It steals our breaths

On a misty morning, she rose up
There lay smoke at the top
Florescent light were fully covered
In the cold dew and thick flog

The moon is down the sky
It picks a thick blanket
The rowdy town filled with silence
A hoot sharply descends from hell

In the pretty prostitute
I saw the eminent embryo
Of my nation

Man, you determingly hate my face
You scornfully curse my personality.
Convicting my confused race
Through the power of the great creator.

By the beach
I sat to wait for my rib
Whom my soul loved
I raised to seek for his face


The road was messy
With awful weather
The ride home was boring.
As the rat bounced on a stuffed mouse

Shepherds, you receive condemn
From the worried, scared flock
Displeased by its conscience
Poor in individuality

The one step I started
Could not be retrieved
It could not be retracted
Even when I fell, I rose

Could let me move and attest
The power of taking a test
In the life of humanity
Or was it womanity

I learned to hit and run
For it seemed to suit man
It proved a safer way of can
Better than be threatened and shun:


Strange things I have
In the head that will to hands
This must be acted
Ere they may

What is the big deal with clothes worn?
What is the mountain story about the attire I own?
Clothes is just a clothes
Does not matter who wears

Love as it turns sour
One will feel like puking
The unswallen,
And excrete the uneaten.

What a satanic delight
You suffocated me from the onset
You pressed my throat and could not let
Go of me.


Once I heard of a Morse
I thought it was a mouse
Which rats do make a favorite
But then it was crushed

Maybe I should learn to dance to tunes
From the East and West and down by bones
there will be rejuvenation of the snaking centuries
Ahead. Before my time in the cemeteries

By the road in the midst I stop
Check far beyond, survey far behind
Examining distance, goal and hope
Like a competent racer who wishes victory to find

Good bye doctor, good bye
Though it took a while to learn of your end
It is an honor to wave a final bye
Maybe it will let us to literacy not end

priscah Mutswenje Biography

Born in Kenya, Kakamega North County, West Kabras, Imbiakalo area. Studied at Imbiakalo Primary school, Lukume Primary school. Joined St Patricks Bukhakunga Secondary School where i sat for my KCSE in 2005 Went to Kenyatta University and pursued BED Arts (English and Lit) between Oct 2006-Jan 2010 Went to Kenyatta University for postgraduate in literature between August 2013- Dec 2022 Wrote a project on a Narratological Examination of Steven Wöndu's From Bush to Bush: Journey to Liberty in South Sudan and Akol J. Jacob's, I Will Go the Distance: The Story of a Lost Boy of the Sixties. Taught at Khamisi Boys Mombasa from 2009 Taught at Kiambaa School Kitui Taught at Jan 2010- June 2010 Banana Hill Kiambu from June 2010-Sept 2011 Taught at Chawia High School Mwatate from Sept 2011- Sept 2020 Taught at St Teresa's Bikeke Girls Kitale from Sept 2020- Now Works on Academic Research Writing online Has written 2 novels,2 novelas,2 plays, many poems, short stories and critical works.)

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Kenya, Our Motherland

In the middle of the African medal map
Sits Kenya, an expansive breathtaking beautiful bright chap
Hooked and booked for life that overflows its tap
With streams, hills, and valleys that perturb
Tembea Kenya, it is me and you

Waiting in the dark, are its lively lions
Walking in the day, stand the steady elephants
And the tall bouncing buffaloes amuse its fans
As they tour the surrounded by a fair classic fence

Spacious sceneries of Maasai Mara, Tsavo, and Amboseli,
Mount Kenya, Sawia, Hells Gates created wonderfully
Inspiring flamingoes, sensuous beaches stand beautifully
The hot springs appetizingly flowing baldy and boldly

A survivor of sunshine a beneficiary of the rain
Silently witnessing the from the vast plain
Pulling its young ones from the malicious chain
Until its calves escape the piercing pain

Kenya our motherland, nourishing seas with springs
Beyond are diverse and sweet seductive songs
That lull and humour to press down pangs
See the trees, sisal, bamboo and many strings

Come tour Kenya a land of massive vicinities
Learn your motherland and its bountiful beauties
In its parks, hot springs, museum with monumentalities
See the lovely evidence of violent now passive volcanicities

Come to the Great Rift Valley, Kiboko Bay and Haller park
See the Manda Bay, Wasini Island, Mt. Kenya National Park
Our city Nairobi and Mombasa await with a full and sure pack
Mt Elgon, Fourteen Falls rise and fall in the Kenyan Ark

Tour Kenya Kenyans it is your mother
Visit Kenya Kenyans, seek a sister and brother
Let's fancy these golden opportunities together
Come our beloved tourists it is no land as other

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It is never too late to wake up to take the race

The stupor's abuses only denounce we should not pronounce them if we want to announce ourselves in public

sweat justly felt fills a full day than a light luck

when you hear whispers be sure someone is idle and wants to divert your attention; the best action should be to ignore and stay focused.

Mwenye ari hakosi kutimiza azma, mwenye ndoto ndiye aishiye kwenye usingizi kuche kutwe.

Every individual is unique in one way or another, if we dig deep into this we surely will find something constructive in everyone.

Until you see the last of me, I may be planning for a better tomorrow.

Mkosa and mkosewa huitaji kutafuta uhalisia, ungwana ukikosekana wote ni wakosa

The sanity of a man is under taste; when he explodes the saturation point is overwhelmed

Your value may not be where you are, explore elsewhere are you will surely know why your are

The journey to knowledge starts with curiosity while the stream to failure is silence

An impact can be experienced in multiple ways; emotional, physical, or psychological and those who do not testify about it have an experience too.

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