Kiss Me And Destroy Me (Poetry Of Desire) Poem by Arun Maji

Kiss Me And Destroy Me (Poetry Of Desire)

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Kiss me,
kiss me little by little
bit by bit.
Kiss me
tenderly yet brutally.
lovingly yet painfully.
Kiss me on my lips,
my eyes, my chin.
Kiss me down in neck,
my breasts and within..

Kiss me
inch by inch, point by point-
first tenderly, then painfully;
then, far more painfully.

Bite me on my lips,
my neck, my bosom.
Bite me but not bleed me
pain me but not agonise me.
Kiss me softly
kiss me tenderly
kiss me savagely.

Kiss me down there;
deep down there-
first softly, then intensely
then fiercely.
Kiss every atom of my flower
every drop of my river
every sigh of my laughter.
Kiss in rhythm, kiss in laughter
Kiss in thirst, kiss in hunger.

Be an wolf if you want to be,
be a snake if you want to be,
be whatever you want to be.
But kiss me, kiss me and burn me.
Burn me in your desire,
burn me in your fire.
You hungry wolf,
kiss me and destroy me.

© Arun Maji
Painting: Ravi Verma

Kiss Me And Destroy Me (Poetry Of Desire)
Friday, October 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: desire,kiss,love,lust,passion,sex
Dr Dillip K Swain 20 October 2017

A sensual write..! Kiss is dissected and presented in many forms and many types..10

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Arun Maji 10 December 2017

you are kind to read me Dr Swain. sincere regards.

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