Kissing Lesson

Rating: 1.7

And don't you move even an inch!
We're getting ready - this is serious.
Don't blink, don't breathe, don't think, don't flinch.
Just stand there Darling, look imperious.

As I'm about to pull you close,
my arms around you, sturdy grip.
The closest thing to a red rose
is your sweet mouth, your blood-red lips.

This lesson, once it's fully learned,
it must be practiced every day.
Until your stripes are fully earned,
but let's continue, if I may.

Please slightly open now a fraction,
if things are dry it matters little.
To get a certain satisfaction
you'll need saliva, so-called spittle.

And thus, we slobbered, wet and sweet,
both warming with the task.
Such pleasure - it is hard to beat.
'When can we go again' you ask.

I quickly learn that to ensure
this lovely pastime many times a day,
one simply uses this, well....cheeky lure:
I say that her technique - it isn't quite okay.

Allan James Saywell 27 November 2004

Herbert are you still indulging in this practise, or are you still practising I recorded my first and last kiss, ALL in one poem, i find it better to rub nose's OR TOUCH TOE'S or rub other part's, or if you have a long tongue you can give them a good lick, my old dog recommended this Kind regard's Allan

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