Last Day Poem by bod hii

Last Day

Rating: 5.0

When I met you last day for last time
You didn’t say good bye
You said farewell to your friends
But u didn’t take a chance with me
I have no idea where you going
Those have known didn't tell me

Was there only for you, for your glances
Delighted when I spoke with you
You are nice to me..but I couldn’t play that way
I could be more into you, know you
Was stuck with something in your eyes
Felt like a baby who sees the world first time
When the consciousness regained and
Saw, you were gone, may be for ever

I am a traveller with a missing compass
I am a fish doesn’t know how to swim
May be A shepherd who has no stick
There is A bird without any feathers
They told “ you do not belong here “
Please don’t walk away from me for ever

Sajna Kailas 20 November 2011

wow! nice it is.especially the last stanza is awesome! I am a traveller with a missing compass. this line is fantastic! composition is very good.loved it! ! ! !

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Ramesh Rai 17 November 2011

nice poem, well versed, full of emotion

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