Laugh On Folks/The Shaded Man Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Laugh On Folks/The Shaded Man

When we laugh with everyone playfully..
Is everybody laughing heartily..
There must be an odd man out in the shade
Trying to supress the hurt that stayed..
In his heart...all these days
He thought out his mind, but found out no ways
He could just smile for your company
Company indeed, what an irony!
You have hurt him yeterday and the day before
And laughed at him more and more
He accepted the humility with a sad face
A lonely man was he..he had no Grace..
Of God, no luck, not a word of protest
To fight back and be the best

Humour is a dish in our meal of life
Without which it is difficult to survive
Humour is got by hurting someone
And the degree of pain is different for everyone
If the pain can be borne by smiling faces
It is quite natural to laugh is such cases
Otherwise the purpose of humour ceases
And life seems to get dragged on in paces

But don't laugh at him on the same old thing
He is no corpse..but a living thing
Who's perhaps is more emotional than you
Try to see him from a different view
You'll see your mind will say to you
He's not very different from me and you

So laugh on folks..but keep it in mind
You could be the dying man any vulture could find
Perhaps then you'd recall the good old days
When you laughed and spurned on a shaded man's dismays

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