The Artistic Work Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

The Artistic Work

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Love lingers in your fingers
Like the snow broths of spring
Hauntingly it injures
The sweet pain it brings

Pick your groovy love crayons,
Brush your rainbow shades upon.
The colours of the blushing Sun
Kissed by the rain just for fun!

Capture the world in all it's moods
Touch it with your feelings
It could be bad it could be good
Your feelings will remain your feelings

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: artistic work
Mario, Lucien, Rene Odekerken 21 September 2017

Beautiful poem Avik Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken

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Dr Antony Theodore 28 June 2020

Love lingers in your fingers Like the snow broths of spring Hauntingly it injures The sweet pain it brings Very fine examples capturing the world in its varied moods... lovely. tony

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Chinedu Dike 23 November 2019

A poignant piece of poetry well conceived and elegantly crafted in persuasive expressions with conviction. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Avik Datta Gupta 24 November 2019

Thanks a lot for liking my poem Chinedu

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Sourav Roy 27 September 2017

It could be bad it could be goodYour feelings will remain your feelings, you have really said such a true line, everything depends on our mind and mentality; above all 'feelings' are everything, without feeling our life is like falling; your some words have many feelings, and your 'The Artistic Work' speaks about your masterly artistic talent...

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Avik Datta Gupta 27 September 2017

Thank You Sourav

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Sandra Feldman 24 September 2017

This is by far one of the very best poem I have ever read. I must tell you, every line a gem, on artistic creation. The 'sweet pain of creation', thru love, poetic paradise, you fly high, very high. And how well you present the essential elements of creativity, simply love and feelings. I so agree.! And for the artist his creation 'good or bad, it doesn't matters, will always be true to his feelings, like the parent for his child. The poetic richness and imagery borders on the sublime. The more this work is read the more it remains as a precious gift to be remembered and admired. Deeply implanted in the realm of poetic excellence and creativity. I truly think that 'the Artistic Work has never, ever been better presented nor described poetically or otherwise. You are certainly gifted.

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Avik Datta Gupta 24 September 2017

Sandtra..your comment is a thousand times better than the lines I scribbled. Sometimes Poetic Evaluations are better than the poetry itself. Your evaluation is an ideal example.I am running out of superlatives to Thank You.Maybe you could help me! !

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 September 2017

Such a nice poetic work of art... a huge 10+++++

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Avik Datta Gupta 21 September 2017

Thank You Mr.Bernanrd for your kind words.Would invite you to read my other poems as well, with the hope that you will like them as well

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