Ramona Thompson

Leave My Boyfriend Alone - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Giving you one last chance
One last chance to get your sorry butt out of his life and mine
Walk out that door
And girl don't you dare ever look back again
Cos he's mine now
Soon we're gonna be wed
If you try and stop that
Then I'll be stopping off your daddy's house
To tell him and your husband just what you've been up to lately
Don't bother us again or else
You have been warned
Leave my boyfriend alone!

Don't me break your heart or anything else in your skinny little body
Don't make me do something that we'll both regret
Pulling your hair out
Thread by ugly thread
I'm gonna rip you to shreds
If you don't give up this insane obsession and back off now
Before I make you stop
In the most awful way that a girl can find to hurt another girl
I will make you suffer
I will destory you if you don't take my advice and....
Leave my boyfriend alone!

I see you looking at him all the time
Trying to catch his eye
Smiling and flirting in those oh so tight jeans of yours
Glaring daggers your way
I start planning your final demise
Bringing to light all your diary's dirty little secrets
Soon very soon everybody's gonna see you for the sneaky little tramp that you are
They'll all gonna realize the truth behind all your lies
I could put a stop to all your future misery
For a price of course
Large, painful and heartbreaking for you
Here is what you must do if you ever wanna live a normal happy life again

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 9, 2006

Poem Edited: Thursday, October 14, 2010

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