Less Government Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Less Government

In some situations...
Less to do,
Achieves greater results.
While in other situations...
Less to do,
Proves to reveal...
The accomplishment of fools.
With this determined to achieve.
As if done upon request.

It t'was not that long ago.
To remember by those,
With minds still left unmedicated.
And dedicated to use them for thinking.
When it was heard from people to complain,
About too much government in their lives.
Chipping away freedoms.
The obtaining of 'credit' help them maintain.
And ironic as irony shows,
These are the same folks...
Who are heard to brag about their entitlements.
Entitlements the government supplies.
And ironic as irony shows,
This is the same government ruining their lives.
By an extended lockdown.
Extended by division.
Confusion, conflict and indecision.
Presided over by rich politicians.
Expressing a wealth of nonsense.
And rhetoric lacking of substance.
To have one amongst them picked,
Allowed to sit determined to get...
A wall to build.
At the expense of those who will be enclosed.
With an opportunity to witness their lives,
Diminish a greatness before their eyes.
Sliding swiftly from delusions to see,
A reality to believe in.
A reality to take a permanent residency.
Done by one chosen and selected to do this,
Without remorse or a consciousness.
And absent of common sense to detect it.
Ironic as irony shows,
Less government conducted...
To represent the wishes of the people,
Seems to have been presented to prioritize.

Friday, January 18, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: commentary
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