Lesson Learned Poem by elena winters

Lesson Learned

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finding yourself is a challenge
as for me i lost interest in who i really am
due to lack of socialism and insecurities
i've driven my self into ridiculous scenerios
which obviously wasn't interesting to me at all
i have engaged in conversations above my character
i have tried to mutate my personality to become like
those whose life seemed to be as perfect and inviting
when really it was as cruel, and pitiful as the green river killer
so i ask myself this question. ' is being different pitiful or exciting'?

MY ANSWER: 'i'm happy..........what could be more exciting than that'.


Life lessons have a way of lifting and liberating us. Now you are free and bringing liberty to others through your powerful poetry.

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Ravi A 26 April 2009

We can remain only as we are. This is the truth. We need not become another person for better perfect beings. We can absorb better values to become a better person. We can have role models for evaluation of value systems. The point is that one should have the conviction in the power of goodness. Most of us lack in this respect. The problem with the world is that it has belief in goodness but it doesn't have the conviction in the power of it. It is an insight. Happiness cannot be searched in this material, objective world because our sense about the material world keeps on changing which would affect our level of happiness also. Happiness is calmness of our mind. Calmness arises only out of reflection, contentment and contemplation of life. I don't know about the Western atmosphere of life but we require it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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true...happiness could be the real teacher

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