A Cracked Heart Poem by elena winters

A Cracked Heart

Rating: 5.0

no one can see me as i blend into the crowd
call me camouflage for i am invisible
yes.........invisible to the naked eye
i cry for attention from you and only you
what else do i possibly have to do
for you to acknowledge my presence
but then i realize something
we were never meant to be
my final move to walk pass you
smell my scent that swarms around you
close your eyes, inhale me, picture me
while i gaze at you from a distance
i finally turn to walk away
my feelings for you descend
i face the fact that my heart is cracked
and my love for you has end

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 10 January 2009

A cracked heart will lead you to death. The End!

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Keith Hendrickson 13 January 2009

wow this was a great piece. i cant wait to read more

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Laurena Willetts 17 January 2009

beautiful, loved it.please read some of min have only just started witing.try innocence lost and fidelity pam

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Christopher Murphy 21 January 2009

hits the spot.....only those who know this side of emotion can truly feel...brilliantly captured. well done.

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 20 January 2009

what a beautiful way to express untold love. But wonder why? ? ? Anyway, nicely composed, natural flow has decorated the rhythm.10+++++++

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sumaira .....ir 20 January 2009

So beautifully write... Have deep emotion of love... I giv it +8

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Eddie Roa 19 January 2009

Unrequited love is a common theme but you treat rather uniquely with easy verse. good write

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i know the feeling, its one iv lived with forever, i hate being the outcast, who feels that love is not for u an it hurts alot, great work, has to be a 10

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