elena winters

Rookie (august 11 / joliet illinois)

elena winters Poems

1. Whats The Diffrence Between Lusting And Loving Someone 10/12/2008
2. Nerve Wrecking 11/16/2008
3. True Sensations 7/19/2009
4. What Is The Meaning Of Trust 10/26/2008
5. Limit Amount Of Time 12/29/2008
6. Affective 12/11/2008
7. Can'T Figure You Out 9/9/2009
8. Blood Will Shed Forever 1/20/2009
9. Obsessive Ways 10/29/2008
10. One Way Out 10/25/2008
11. Never Been So Sure 11/27/2008
12. Lesson Learned 4/25/2009
13. The Stranger I Once Knew 1/3/2009
14. Moving On 12/17/2008
15. Consequences And Repercautions 10/11/2008
16. Scheming On Love 9/16/2009
17. The Way You Made Me Feel 11/18/2008
18. I Cry For My Streets 11/27/2008
19. Parting Ways 11/25/2008
20. Invisible Is Her 11/13/2008
21. Suicide 10/26/2008
22. Time To Change 1/20/2009
23. The Rose Of Better Days 11/14/2008
24. Truth Is Good...........Sometimes 10/29/2008
25. Infinite Love 11/19/2008
26. Secret Admire 10/30/2008
27. A Cracked Heart 1/9/2009
28. Tell Me A Story 10/25/2008
29. Crazy I Think Not 10/12/2008
30. Picture This 1/16/2009
Best Poem of elena winters

Picture This

i picture stepping outside in the frosty air
the wind cracks my face like sidewalk cement
on the other side of the street there's a pale man
begging for coins under the light that shines above him
next to a woman wrapped in a torn cloth with the look
of desperation in her icy blue eyes i quickly turn to walk
away with that image sealed inside my mind

i picture being that little girl whose mother
is so strung out and willing to give up anything
for a rock even the apartment which led
me to sleeping on cardboard pads i picture
having to walk the cold ...

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Tell Me A Story

hello murder whats your story?

murder #1

well i killed my mother and two little sisters around 3: 00 in the morning with a sludge hammer
when everyone was asleep i wacked them twice in the head. They died instantly

hi murder whats your story?

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