elena winters Poems

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Picture This

i picture stepping outside in the frosty air
the wind cracks my face like sidewalk cement
on the other side of the street there's a pale man
begging for coins under the light that shines above him

Crazy I Think Not

all alone in this crazy home trapped in this room
no one here to talk too

but what i hear a whisperin soul

Tell Me A Story

hello murder whats your story?

murder #1

A Cracked Heart

no one can see me as i blend into the crowd
call me camouflage for i am invisible
yes.........invisible to the naked eye
i cry for attention from you and only you

Secret Admire

i see you
you see me

you turn away

Infinite Love

Our love goes up

up like the mountains

Truth Is Good...........Sometimes

truth has a face
with many expressions

truth can hurt you in ways you can't imagine

The Rose Of Better Days

a mother working 2 jobs to support 3 kids after the death of her husband who was killed by a drive by shooting

hard working mother paying countless and countless of expensive bills
trying to make ends meet

Invisible Is Her

she ran out of the building with tears streaming down her cheeks
wondering how could she be so stupid to marry a cheat he was her everything her one and only true love

'why......why' was all she managed to say

Parting Ways

I'm sorry things didn't work out between us
I wish things could've been diffrent
maybe if you weren't so bossy
always trying to control my life

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