Crazy I Think Not Poem by elena winters

Crazy I Think Not

Rating: 5.0

all alone in this crazy home trapped in this room
no one here to talk too

but what i hear a whisperin soul

i am not crazy

the walls begin to make strange faces the devil itself

no i am not crazy

where did these scars come from i didnt do this
it was that shadow of darkness

no i'm definitely not crazy

who is dat woman in the bloody white gown
a slit at the throat the fire in her eyes

i am not crazy

docters come to give me my dosage

cut to pieces
blood every where
my insides are my outsides

they said i was crazy

but i'm not i'm insane

Chocolate Bunny 25 October 2008

Crazy maybe not different yes. Good job

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<font color=black>Nagourta 25 October 2008

A very amusing poem, I am glad to have read it.

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**paris* forever forgotten** 11 December 2008

i believe that everyone has their demons, and crazy moments. just never let them get the best of you. ne ways, good write.

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Riquetta Elliott 29 October 2008

Sometimes I have my crazy moments. This is a really good poem though.

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wow verry nice i relly like this

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 October 2008

Emotion runs're lost..but momentarily.Its a kind of madness! ! I can feel yer breeze!

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Viola Grey 25 October 2008

padded walls will not contain you it seems...this is a very clever piece...nice work

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