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*let Millions

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Let million daffodils
Dance for peace in the happy world
Let million jasmines
Spread the scent in a lovely mold
Let million nightingales
Sing for joy and pleasure loud and bold
Let million doves
Spread their wings for harmony manifold
Let million roses
Bloom to make us forget the day of doom

Let million showers
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Oh! My God! This was written in 1999 that never saw the light of the day lying in my table drawer! ? In the thrill of receiving the new millennium, welcoming the same and wishing for the happenings dear to my heart this was composed. Lying dormant in the table drawer all these years! Any how poets and poetry are immortal. Absolutely relevant in 2012 and years and decades to come. If the poem hunters enjoy and work for the stated goals my desire will be fulfilled.
Subbaraman N V 22 April 2013

The person you indirectly refer to without naming is much more patriotic and of Indian national outlook than Advani and company and Dr. Subramanyam Swami. millions are happy with her.

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 July 2012

Dear Sir, I appreciate your thoughts.You can forward and wish Dr.Prof Subramanyam Swami from IIT and Harvard Uni and wish him all luck to achieve this practically.In a country where in Congress you accept a 5 standard italian from a Nazi father and more so who has nothing to bring to India the good things of Italy which i personally believe.It cannot progress therefore.In Italy you find not an Indian in their Congress as head and someone not Italian as Indian ruling Italy with their puppet elements.Their blood is not so impure like indians.They can never accept even someone from Harvard non-italian to be italian policy makers.India is too much tolerant.

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Beautiful poem..Well written with lots of expectations! I do not know whether we have achieved anything in the last one decade, though a few of the third world countries have prospered a lot. For your hope I give you full marks.

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