Let My Words Be Food For Gods Poem by Troy Cochran

Let My Words Be Food For Gods

Rating: 5.0

(for Chukwuma Ndububa)

Let my words be food for gods.

Let them be for apples in the cracked hands
of succulence after thirst;
for the dripping tongues of dogs
in dreams of labor in the shade
beneath the warbling birds.

Let them bring platter on platter from the brown hands of maids
in suggestion of immortality gained
by the sting and the blood of long slender blades,
followed by feathers and palm fronds fanning
a drowsy eyelid squawking at the sun.

Let them sing where all have trod;
through what laborious fields
and long ordeals
through barbed-wire runs
beyond the tongues of stuttering guns;
let them say
where all have gone, and slipped their chains,
and come up angry out of graves.

And if I
have sometimes sat through sermons unafraid;
amused myself where others knelt and prayed,
and if I have sometimes raged against them all,
fists and elbows to a wall,
insisting upon my own significance;
if I have sometimes lived in basements, small;
and again have towered over cloudy Judgments
many heavens tall:

Let my words be grain for all;
bare images
sprouting from the plains where heads have lain
and cattle call
and grasses grow up straight without a name.

Friday, October 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dignity,divinity,poetic expression,words
An older poem (from 2012) , here dedicated to our own Chukwuma Ndububa, in light of elaborate praises I have received from him that put me in mind of these lines. I believe we find the divinity in ourselves by making the effort to see it in all others ~ define that how we will. In those terms, therefore, I am essentially a food caterer for the gods. I deliver food for thought, in a golden pizza delivery chariot. A lowly job, perhaps, but someone's got to do it.
Sochukwu Ivye 31 October 2017

Alas, I never saw this. My contrite plea. It's an ambrosia, actually. In other words, utterrances (made) by a human but ratified by the spirits. I cannot thank you enough for this honour, great poet. Thanks for the noble thoughts and idea. I just feel so engraced now. *courtesies*

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