On Wanting To Be Like Hafiz Poem by Troy Cochran

On Wanting To Be Like Hafiz

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I want to brag my Sun
outpouring from my eye
could bring a stubborn bud to blossom.

It cannot, of course,
but I am charmed
by such imagination.

And every mousing or swaggering soul,
could one be squeezed
or coaxed to such emission,

pleases me no less for being attitude ~
I smile at these insulting and graffitied walls
that try to come between

the way myopic eyes interrogate
one another's timid

I throw sidewalks whole aside
in anticipation of our morning

There is more to our discrete hellos
shoving other away and over edge
than eyes scream out such

quiet, errant questing. My Troubadours,
We are more beautifully alive
than ALL suppose.

Friday, October 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: soul,friendship,humanity,relationships
An old poem (from 2012) written in North Dakota while I was helping to remodel several flood-damaged homes. In that two months I discovered Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet and mystic, and I have wanted to be like him ever since. Something said to me by Kumarmani Mahakul recently put me in mind of this, so I thought I would post it.
Kumarmani Mahakul 09 October 2017

A stubborn bud too blossoms in front of cloud to get touch of sun. Such an imagination you have drawn this is entirely charmed poem that motivates mind. Graffitied wall that tries to come between amazes mind in this brilliant imagery. Eyes scream out and beauty comes in emotion. Helping to remodel several flood-damaged homes expresses your tender attitude towards humanity. This is excellently penned.10

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Troy Cochran 31 October 2017

Thank you, Kumarmani, for your comments and for your inspiration. Sorry for the late reply, I've been too busy lately. Nothing much was accomplished, come to think of it; but I made a great show of it anyway. I have lost my book by Hazif (it's buried deep in my storage unit) for the time being. But this poem puts me in mind of the day I discovered him, still very vivid in my mind. Not many writers have had such an impact on me. Anyway, for what it's worth....

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George Krokos 06 October 2017

Hafiz was a very great poet and also a God-Realised being whom I have read and love as well. Your poem reflects some of his grandeur. Well done.

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Troy Cochran 06 October 2017

Thank you, George. Some of it was bound to rub off, even on me. The rest of the journey, however, I am informed is entirely up to my own efforts. Darn! I was hoping for a happy ending. I will take a look today and see how Hafiz and God have gilded your own life and art ~ for it's evident in your one remark that this is indeed the case. Thank you for commenting. :)

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Sochukwu Ivye 06 October 2017

I just wish you could remain your great self. Although I have not absolute knowledge of the addressed poet but I really am loving your already established self. Perfect piece. 10+++ Perfect peace.

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Troy Cochran 06 October 2017

Thank you, Chukwuma. It seems I have no choice in the matter anyway (... about remaining myself, that is) . Apparently it is stipulated in a contract somewhere that I don't actually remember signing. But what can you do? As for Hafiz, I highly recommend him. Like Walt Whitman, it wasn't that his poetry had a high literary polish, but that his thought did. These men aimed to encompass the world, not with their reputations, but with their hearts and souls, minds, spirits, everything. Little was overlooked or felt undeserving of their attention and praise. One could certainly do worse. So we are in good company, it seems. :)

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