Let's Build Us A Wall Poem by Randy McClave

Let's Build Us A Wall

"Let's build us a wall"!
Those words I do recall,
Let's keep foreigners and evil out, they did shout
That barrier will never fall.

So, the wall there it stood
Many probably thought it was good,
But, they still had sin, and corruption within
Death also comes for metal, brick and wood.

"A wall must be built"!
They screamed again, with prejudice and no guilt,
Construct it around our City, was spoke with hate and no pity
Their beliefs, did not waver or wilt.

"This is our land"!
They then screamed together in a band,
Like the people of Jericho did say, on their final day
Then God, decided not to let that wall stand.

Destruction is always bound
Where bigotry and corruption is the sound,
And if a wall is in that path, it will always find God's wrath
Then that wall, will come down.

Randy L. McClave

Monday, August 20, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: bigotry,hate,racism,sin
Student 12 April 2019

Randy, just curious. Trump says he is building the wall in an attempt to cut down on illegal immigration, smuggling, and human trafficking. Instead of building a wall what would you suggest in helping these issues. Doing a paper on this matter. Great poem though! !

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Randy Mcclave 12 April 2019

The rio grande is a nature made barrier, and we are in the 21st century, we have drones, cell phones, spy planes and highly sensitive detection equipment, and we could hire more border patrol (give jobs) we need no wall, and especially when it will placed on the properties of people who don’t want it.

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Randy Mcclave 12 April 2019

A wall can be dug under, scaled and flew over, we the U.S needs no more debt, trump promised Mexico was going to pay for the wall, and lately after all the tax breaks for the wealthy, it will be people like you and me who will pay for the wall. I still remember when Reagan said (to the cheers of all America, and to the free world) when he told Russia to take their wall down.

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Captain Cur 20 August 2018

Randy, The trumped up lies that trumpet through the fabled white halls which once graced truth and democracy, those walls have been shattered by your triumphant words. Let us all reflect on the evil that is being bred and fed while the willing and unwitting follow blind and refuse to see the chains that bind their heads. Great write!

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Randy 20 August 2018

I agree, He is the worse type of person there is, he cares for no one, but only himself. Thank you for reading my poem, and your comment.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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