Letter Of Prayer Poem by Rhyme sonny

Letter Of Prayer

You are my rock and my fortress
I will come to your presence with humbleness
I believe you will never leave me comfortless
You will not leave me in the wilderness
I will live Godly and deny ungodliness
I will always be in the gospel business
That is where I will achieve success
Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness
I pray for forgiveness
Lord deliver me from all unrighteousness
Deliver me from blood guiltiness
Nevertheless leave me not in the darkness
Keep me under your wings; cover me with your feathers
And I shall give thanks at the remembrance of thy holiness
Guide me with your hands of skillfulness
Show me your marvelous loving kindness
Incline my heart unto to thy testimonies and not to covetousness
My God has covered me with robe of righteousness
Therefore all that shall follow me is mercies and goodness
I will worship the Lord in the beauty of thy holiness
I will praise his name for his goodness
To my people, I pray for deliverance from laziness
Deliver them from every sickness including madness
I will never be down with depress and stress
For the Lord heareth the poor and despise not his prisoners
He has cleanse me and I’m clean from all filthiness
And his eyes are fixed on the helpless
So as for me, I will see his face in righteousness
And he will make me greater in his gentleness
A judge of the widow and a father of the fatherless
A God that can deliver us out of our distress
This is my letter of prayer answer me in your faithfulness
And in your righteousness

C T Heart 19 December 2008

Very good rhymes you have here. And such a wonderful prayer, so divine...Thanks.

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