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Letter To Mister Sheriff John Brown

Dear Sheriff

From loose lines, I ask you to forgive old man William, Forgive his crimes, The son of Robin and Dylan. Forgive his reflexes, As they meant you, Act with moderate excess, And with mercy too. Forgive his peaceful life, As it bugs your own, As so your strife, Was to bring him down. Forgive his dreams, Made in the clouds, Forgive by all means, Please, Mister and crowd. Forgive him for his land, In which you prohibited care, And that although he did stand, Don't think was bad dare. Forgive his habit, He is not from here, His fathers were kidnapped, By yours in last year. Forgive his joy, Is his favorite feeling, As a kid and new toy, Tender and appealing. Forgive his love, He didn't know that in this place, Love was not above, Mister Sheriff's pace. So I ask you to forgive his heart, In trying to protect his world, He feared falling apart, And responded like you in sword. That though he shot Mister Brown, That he agrees as well, And for that he bears frown, That all can tell. But let the seeds of his love be, Forgive it and let it be tree, And then you'll agree with me, After all, you'll see, Although he shot Sheriff thee, He really didn't kill mister deputy.