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Letters I'Ll Never Stamp, Letters I'Ll Never Send

Dear laurel
You have been my recent love interest
I guess you don’t want me, I guess that’s best
But before I say goodbye, let me lay some things to rest
Much like every girl that turned me down
Wrote down that they were sorry and never spoke to me again
I don’t know why I fell for someone like you
And put myself threw such internal abuse
I did like you
I had kind thoughts of once dating you

Kissing you under rain
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Patrick Tolan 07 August 2006

i think it may be a good idea to find an outlet for your love and attention on something other than girls at school, (simply judging from these letters) i have a friend who is much like this and tries to pin his unrequited love on another girl and another etc, it really isnt emotionally healthy i dont think and if you believe in god wel then there might be something there for you instead, it's good to be yourself regardless of the social consequences, if you try to be something your not then you will be unhappy (at least in my experience) hope you have grown happier since these unsent letters were written take care mate, Patrick

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