Senior Citizen Section Of Heaven

We all gather around, tossing cards, flipping over checkers to make kings
Sit around and talk about all the good old things
I used to be a football star, Jackson used to be a running back
Too bad none of us could last
Jenny says when she was a kid, her baby brother died at the windmill
Stood too close and off fell his head
She sees him now here, they talk about there mom and dad
Fred loved his kids, but always joked that they'd be dead without him
Now when they all see each other they cry

I remember, Watching down and seeing my own kids
There tears, They've never fallen down but floated up to me
I see my Claire every once and awhile, with a husband
better up that way
Don't mind the people here, Just feel like I am in the wrong place
Seems like hell when all i do is things i could of done down there
But it's nice here, the feathers, the flowers the scent and grace
I just don't feel like it's mighty fair
when I'm living life when i wanted death
Still breathing in air
when i wanted some god damn rest

We all gather around, tossing cards, flipping over checkers to make kings
Jackson likes to tell us football plays, and then use them in his chess match
I guess I still smile when i hear a bell ring
Another one of us getting out at last
Just wish, that the next turn was mine
Until then It's my turn, It's forward or back
No matter the direction, You'll end up unhappy with your decision
You'll go forward and lose, or maybe the god's will go easy and let you jump
but what do you end up with? a king, now you have to get him home