Life Poem by Crystal Dawn


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A newborn baby is held in his mother’s arms.
Another newborn baby is looking at his charms.

Held in his mother’s arms, hoping he will be lucky.
The other newborn is already saying, “Ducky.”

At a playground,
A toddler can only find a broken swing.
The other is treated like a king.

In second grade,
The child’s family doesn’t even have a phone.
The other child has a condominium to call his home.

In sixth grade,
The child walks alone.
The other child always has a friend on the phone.

In ninth grade,
The child is smoking weed.
The other child is lovely to see.

In twelfth grade,
The child isn’t going to graduate.
The other child is ready to accumulate.

The other child is what the first child always wanted to be.
“Life was never fair to me.”

Kadeidre Hayes 11 February 2006

I think this poem is ment to bee seen by all people who have twins or kids and see how they are treating them

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David Tanguay 11 February 2006

I've got 2 quotations I wrote, I'd like you to read. It's only what I believe 'what we learn in our universities can make us wealthy and famous, what we learn in life can make us wise. and loving ' 'What we learn in life, is far more precious than wht we learn in school'

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