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Life The Movie - Poem by gershon hepner

“Life: the movie” is the show
I wish I could produce,
so all the world to me could go
and see me hanging loose
upon a screen as I project
the story of my life,
with details no one would suspect
from talking to my wife.

There's not much blood and guts but there
are battles with the law,
some sex, too, hanging in the air––
I made both love and war,
and had a family, as well,
whom movie lovers will
adore as they all cast their spell
and fill the cashier's till.

There's music, too, the food of love,
and drama, poetry,
and ruminating high above
there's God, whom you won't see
because his hand is always hidden
and you can't see him deal,
and there's a tortoise and a kitten,
that kiddies' hearts will steal,
and, rather old, a cute chihuahua
whom they will love as well,
although she whines, not saying “Bow-wow”
or even “Taco Bell”.

The whole world will become my reel
and I will head the credits;
like Hollywood in life the deal
is he comes first who edits.
Reviewers hopefully won't pan
my movie so I may
receive an Oscar, as a fan
of movies every day,
especially the one I live,
as with this thought I leave you:
ignore the critics and forgive
until you've seen the preview.

Michiko Kakutani reviews Neal Gabler's book 'Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality' (Alfred A. Knopf) in the NYTber 9,1998, in an article called “All the World's a Reel, and Men Mere Credits”. Neal Gabler suggests that life has become “the biggest, most entertaining, most realistic movie of all, one that played 24 hours a day,365 days a year, and featured a cast of billions”.


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