Light And Shadow Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Light And Shadow

Day follows night
And spring follows winter,
Death follows life
And year follows year
In ups and downs of nature;
All moves in waves
Like tides in seas
From the aeons past
To the aeons endless,
It is how cosmos, designed,
It is how life is built
Around an axis of what?
What is that centripetal that
Holds all tight?
It is what,
It is that
Nobody knows yet.

It is sheer night,
It is total black,
Unknown, ignorance,
Beyond perception
And beyond conception,
What, that nature in essence,
Planck's barrier
In watch of intruders.

All is radiant behind,
Blindingly dark outside;
It is the flame behind
That radiates light outside
Like gyre in an ocean,
Like eye of a cyclone,
And creates gyral moves,
Where light creates world.

That light created world,
That light created life
And ups and downs and moves;
The light is true mother,
The flame itself, father,
And all is their shadow
Beyond the field of light;
Shadow hides in light,
Yet can't stare at light,
It is the subtle secret;
Shadow moves in light
At the behest of light,
Yet can't know it why;
What is this divine flame,
What is its subtle light,
How we shadows know
From our earthly sight?

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