Love And War Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Love And War

Win the world by love, not by war,
For, no wars are ever Won;
Win the world with heart, not with arms,
For, no arms ever win the world.

Love wins all, defeats none
And builds a bond of heart and soul;
War loses all, spreads hatred a'where
Where peace and joy are stifled to death.

Love is life: war is death;
Love is strength: war, destruction;
Love blends and builds a complete world
While war divides and kills.

Love lifts soul, war drops to gulfs
Of pain, doubts and incessant fears;
War blackens soul, love lights soul
With immortal glow of joy and peace.

Love is fusion, a blissful implosion
That binds parts and fills gaping cracks;
War is fission, a deafening explosion
That hurtles sufferings like sharp missiles.

The flames of war burn both sides
Of the log to dead charcoal;
No life sprouts again anywhere,
But black rage and hatred on each side.

Love is conscience's sweet milk,
War is black passion's poison,
Love tends and binds in kind feelings
While war ravages to azre on battleground.

Love gives blood, war takes blood;
Love soothes soul: ; war seethes soul;
Love is peace: war is tubulence
Where all are in constant change.

Wage the war of love to win
And not the love of war and lose;
War invites defence and attacks
While love invites sacrifice and helps.

War freezes pride: love dissolves pride;
War breeds war and love breeds love
Invoke love and give all your love,
Fill all the world with love and trust.

No love ever failed, no war, succeeded;
This is the way the nature planned it,
This is the way God ordained on the Earth
To bring the kingdom of love, not of war.

Follow the path of love everywhere,
In love and war, in peace and turbulence;
Love is pure light of knowledge and beauty
Where hearts meet and minds bind.

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