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Justice begotten in exchange is no justice,
For, exchange is trade,
A distressing gain through loss;
Justice is inherent right,

The sun in clouds,
Dim, dull and subdued outside,
Has ever lost his fierce sunshine?
The layers of clouds

Who created this beautiful world?
What a harmony and perfection!
Who thought this beauty, who brought it out?
Who is he that perfected it?

Idle, semiconscious winter fog
Settles heavy on deforested nude,
Grey and dull, everywhere, dull lull;
Spine-chilling cold, blinding grey fog,

All over this mammoth Earth,
There is nothing like death;
All over this mammoth Earth,
Nothing escapes death

Win the world by love, not by war,
For, no wars are ever Won;
Win the world with heart, not with arms,
For, no arms ever win the world.

Honesty is hallowed straight road,
Though dull, tiresome and slow;
A sure road to reach one's goal,
Though fruits come in bits and sweats.

Life is what you make of it,
Like raw clay, lithe, soft and wet
And waits your hand to play on it
With the labour of creative flight

They surface from roadside pot-holes,
From cracks of walls and street corners,
From mysterious creeks
With fire-spewing guns in hand

A tableland of black gold-dust
With rugged highland and coast,
Washed with rains and green forests
As thick as fur and tall as mountains,

Hail the friends of kohima land
Hail the lights of Mangalore,
Twinkling ‘neath tall, green palms,
Swept by rains and ocean breezes;

If I falter in every beginning step,
How can I walk miles ahead?
If I flounder in every opening that shows up,
How can I outgrow my dark cell?


The swirl of smoke
In gyral tower,
Why rises to the sky?
Why a jet of soot

Hatred in air like morning freshness,
Hatred all round like warm sunshine
Instill in Self newness every fresh day;
New resolutions surface every day


You jog long to sleep fast at night,
You fast all day to eat well next day,
Predators hide to pounce on unguarded prey,
Trees shed leaves to bear afresh in springs,

Two souls, minds, hearts and eager bodies
So longing for each can never ever part.

Hardships, tears, any little need?

Wherever you be, however you be,
In this or any other life,
We are always with you,
Sharing your pains,

Know that you are not yours alone,
More you do belong to one more soul;
Do not ever plunge to the brink of risks
That kills him alive with fears for you.

While one, you and I?

While eager to drown
Me with seamless love,


The proud land of valiant warrior kings
Who fought to death to vanquish arrogance,
The rich lush field of thinkers and artists
Where thoughts and beauty blend to new heights,

PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems Biography

PRAVEEN KUMAR with his more than three decades of government service at senior levels and as a poet of seventeen published collections and as an author of six volumes on matters of governance and administration is a familiar face in Indian intellectual circuits. His more than 30 contributions on governance and administration to prominent national dailies like The Hindu, Indian Express, Deccan Herald and Times of India and other periodicals and journals were extremely popular and often sensational by their innovative unorthodox thoughts. He retired from Government Service as a Senior Police Officer after 31 years of service that covered assignments as Director of Food and Civil Supplies Enforcement, Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore City, State Intelligence in charge of Foreigners, Coastal Security Police and various assignments in CID inter alia. Born in Mangalore as the eldest son of Shree R.D.Suvarna and Smt. B.Sarojini, Praveen Kumar graduated in Science from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, going on to obtain post-graduate degree in Literature from Mysore University. He also holds post-graduate diploma in Business Management as well as Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management. He also attended six advanced courses at the National Police Academy, Hyderabad. His Poem, 'Justice' figures in Karnataka IX Standard Second Language English Text Book from the 2013-14 Academic Year.)

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Justice begotten in exchange is no justice,
For, exchange is trade,
A distressing gain through loss;
Justice is inherent right,
Though wrapped in black packs
In dark hall of race for survival
Like gold strains bound in mud
Till exploited;
She is cool like ice
And still like rock;
No easy road to charm her soul
While hardship makes her no more justice.

She, in inaccessible moon,
She, in inaccessible moon,
She, in inaccessible moon,
A charming dream of undying hopes.

She appears by disappearance
And cracks confidence;
You feel her flight outward
While strange shadows dull your Self;
You cannot catch her back,
You cannot catch her back,
For, in outward flight, she sinks to darkness
Where eyes blind
And distance rises;
Your hands, raised for justice,
Grope in hopeless void till strain
And give up unending fight forever
As dreams never win realities of deceits;

You see her in shades
In gloom's dark sea;
She surfaces from night's unending darkness
Like hopeless inaccessible mirage
In your eyes
While the world sees there plain darkness;
She is unseen to all
She is unseen to all, but,
You, who lost her out;
Men seek justice
In passion's thousand hues,
As she is invisible otherwise;
Aye, justice hides from justice
And breeds injustice.

Why justice is shackled to greed and bribe?
Why justice is fished out from popular mood?
Lost in thick jungle of lightless night,
Like rat, caught in the sack of death,
Like deer, caught in lion's lair,
She never reaches Self by herself.

Justice is the just haunt of nature's all games
What man for his crave molests and tames.

Justice must be just for all to see
In glow of crystal brightness
And impose herself in natural ease
Like flood seizes low-lying lands
And fill all pits of man's callousness;
It is justice of course,
It is justice in natural haunt,
That none gain by trade
Nor lose ever.

For, justice that limps in darkness is justice dead,
A corps you can never infuse life with.

Alas, justice lives feeble life
And yields to injustice in comfort;
It haunts as ghost after death
As if seeking rebirth
To live again weightless life
With no passion for just path,
Nor for anything just and fair.

Justice with no heart for truth,
Justice with no dash for right cause
Is justice dead indeed.

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