Listen To Me Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Listen To Me

If you can
I'll tell you a tale
Of a true life
Living in dreams
And dreams go on
In the isles and the lights curtained
On this stage..
Delving deep
Trying to sleep
Of those depths that I longed for
In this dream of mine
Papers fly
In the dusty sky
And the sandglass keeps turning
Until another turn solitude
Seems coming and going
In this dream of mine
So listen to me...

Turning back into the past
A lad grew up a little fast
Snaps freeze the while that's gone
He never really stayed here alone
When I get myself into that long line
I first heard life's grapevine
I learnt to see and stay blind
Life's reality was not so very kind
So listen to me...

All the helter skelter's done
The battles have never been won
Dream waves are still on the run
They were seen just for fun
Fair speeches by anon
Undressed and basked in the Sun
They craved for a jolly holiday
What more do I have to say
But Listen to me
I'm sure you will
As I'll tell you a tale
Of your true life
Living in dreams
And dreams go on
waiting under the lights curtained
On the same stage

Princess Lilypad 26 October 2013

Dreams do go on, such beautiful hope in that. thank you.

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