Little By Little.... Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Little By Little....

Rating: 5.0

Little by little…, life turns around…
Moments pass by like a ticking sound
So much happening all at the same time..
Getting unnoticed..yet spreading like grapevine
How can we undo the things that we have done
Our world turns slowly around a blazing Sun

Little by little …a child grows up..
Wondering when he will be getting older…
As he counts the days to his next birthday..
His next goal seems a mile long inch away..
So near yet that distant length of dismay
Running around…to be the next in turn..
As the world turns slowly around a blazing Sun

Little by little…..we had some feelings
Scarlet red was our heart full of meanings
But the meanings meant nothing…whatever it meant
Prodigal time was that all I had spent
But for now I guess our meaningful thoughts have begun
As our world keeps turning around the blazing Sun

Little by little…I”ve tried to write out my feelings
I couldn’t define my life and it’s dealings
I have tried to laugh, but I couldn’t weep
There’s such less time yet so much go reap
The same old story seems to have just begun
As our world turns around the blazing Sun

Little by little…folks are turning away..
They don’t want to share when I’m in dismay..
On the turning away..they do realize
How they’ve been ignored by me in disguise
It doesn’t matter if it was me after all
The Sun is big and the world is too small
Wonder what did they gain, wonder what was the fun
As our world turns on around the blazing Sun

Hazel Durham 23 September 2012

Lovely rhythm and flow to this poem. Excellent write!

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