Little Birds Poem by Lewis Carroll

Little Birds

Rating: 3.3

Little Birds are dining
Warily and well,
Hid in mossy cell:
Hid, I say, by waiters
Gorgeous in their gaiters -
I've a Tale to tell.

Little Birds are feeding
Justices with jam,
Rich in frizzled ham:
Rich, I say, in oysters
Haunting shady cloisters -
That is what I am.

Little Birds are teaching
Tigresses to smile,
Innocent of guile:
Smile, I say, not smirkle -
Mouth a semicircle,
That's the proper style!

Little Birds are sleeping
All among the pins,
Where the loser wins:
Where, I say, he sneezes
When and how he pleases -
So the Tale begins.

Little Birds are writing
Interesting books,
To be read by cooks:
Read, I say, not roasted -
Letterpress, when toasted,
Loses its good looks.

Little Birds are playing
Bagpipes on the shore,
Where the tourists snore:
"Thanks!" they cry. "'Tis thrilling!
Take, oh take this shilling!
Let us have no more!"

Little Birds are bathing
Crocodiles in cream,
Like a happy dream:
Like, but not so lasting -
Crocodiles, when fasting,
Are not all they seem!

Little Birds are choking
Baronets with bun,
Taught to fire a gun:
Taught, I say, to splinter
Salmon in the winter -
Merely for the fun.

Little Birds are hiding
Crimes in carpet-bags,
Blessed by happy stags:
Blessed, I say, though beaten -
Since our friends are eaten
When the memory flags.

Little Birds are tasting
Gratitude and gold,
Pale with sudden cold:
Pale, I say, and wrinkled -
When the bells have tinkled,
And the Tale is told.

Adeline Foster 31 March 2012

Shall we giggle, laugh, and guffaw! Someone actually wants to tell Louie Carroll that his poetry is nonsense. Is this not merely a bedtime ditty in disguise? And who could teach Louie Carroll to write it better? Adeline Foster

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 March 2024

His name is LEWIS CARROLL, please.

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Ankita Sharma 31 March 2010

Love you Lewis....I love Alice and I love wonderland.....: D I can't forget the lovely time I spent reading your book when I was a child......those happy, wonderful that crazy world like hell

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Not a very good poem. It's slightly confusing and is complete nonsense.

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Kevin Straw 31 March 2010

Are there really only 365 poems in the English language? I commented on this poem just a year ago. There are tens of thousands of poems which could be poem of the day.

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Hudson Hoodsun 16 March 2024

I didn't know that Lewis was also a poet. That's cool.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 March 2024

TEN: Here it goes about the joy of whimsy, the celebration of the nonsensical, and the sheer delight in imagining a world where little birds lead extraordinary lives.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 March 2024

NINE: It lacks the narrative structure and imaginative world-building of some of his more famous pieces, but it's a delightful flight of fancy nonetheless.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 March 2024

EIGHT: The tale unfolds in their peculiar world. In comparison to Carroll's other works, such as "Jabberwocky, " "Little Birds" shares elements of wordplay and absurdity.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 16 March 2024

SEVEN: Memory Flags and Eaten Friends: Little birds hide crimes in carpet bags, blessed by happy stags. Even when beaten, they persist. And when their memory falters, they taste gratitude and gold.

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