Little Secrets Poem by Randy McClave

Little Secrets

We all have little secrets until we are caught
Some smoke cigarettes while some smoke pot,
And they believe that no one knows what they are doing
Or the destructive path that they are pursuing.
Some sneak alcohol inside their house
Maybe under the noses of their parents or their spouse,
And when they see behind them that no one did follow
They sneak away and then take a quick swallow.
Some little secrets is telling and keeping a lie
Which had caused someone else to hurt or cry,
And those little secrets are for a moment locked away
Until, their judgement day.
Some little secrets are cheating and stealing
Unto which many people are ashamed of their revealing,
And they keep those secrets always hidden
To reveal them they believe it is forever forbidden.
And some times of course it could be much worse
Those little secrets could become a curse,
They may then think that they got away with it
But, in their book of life, those secrets have been writ.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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