Alcohol Poem by Randy McClave


Rating: 5.0

Drinking never made me a happier person
Nor did it allow me to enjoy my life more
If anything it caused my attitude to worsen
Then in the end I ended up face down on the floor.

It caused me to argue and also to fight
It made me believe that I am someone that I'm not
The drink made me obnoxious and never polite
All from this drink that I had happily bought.

I have done things that I am ashamed to admit
I have spent money that I should have saved
To that addictive drink I did happily submit
To that drink I am hopelessly and forever enslaved.

I’ve waken in the morning with terrible headaches
From the drinking for my relaxation and fun
I know from that drunken state I made many mistakes
And remembering any of them now, I know none.

It doesn't make me smarter and of course no wiser
I know one day it will be my destruction and downfall
It made me a bully a cheat and a womanizer
All from the drink I love, alcohol.

Randy L. McClave
Lenny Camacho 02 September 2013

and that's the least to be said of alcohol...

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Nabakishore Dash 20 December 2021

Very nice crafting.Good advice for better standard of life.Grateful to u Sir.

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Kim Barney 16 January 2016

You are so right. Alcohol never made ANYONE happier, smarter or more attractive. Very well written.

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Brian Jani 26 May 2014

This is fascinating.poetry, keep it up

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Sj Holland 02 September 2013

Wow! I see you have 540. Good deal.

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Sj Holland 02 September 2013

Well, I've been at PH since February or March, and this is the 1st poem I've given a 10. Very sadly honest, but very well may help someone else to avoid the pitfall, or climb out sooner. You've already come a long way to being free. I hope you keep writing. If so, you'll write about more beautiful things than this. I enjoyed reading it, and hope to read more.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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