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Can He Really See What I See

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The night sky shone of glittering stars
as she gazed upon the splendor
and wondered does my true love
See the same stars I see
can he feel the same breeze
That caresses my cheeks
As I stare into the sunsets of old
Does he see how the stars
Are arranged in the sky
For star gazers to depict
What they believe is there
in the night filled skies
Does he feel the sand?
as he visits a beach
a lake that shines and glitters in the sun
Can he hear the birds that sing to thee
Sweet songs of melodies
I reach out to him
and hold him close
But grasping thin air
I sigh with a note
of despair at not seeing
My loved one hands
Sharing the sights and sounds
Of what Mother Nature gave to thee
Can he really see what I see

Manonton Dalan 09 June 2012

probably not but he cares

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Pranab K Chakraborty 09 June 2012

Nature presented well with the passion of sharing beauty with the beloved one. Well.

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Simon Collins 23 May 2012

Really touching poem, deep, thanks

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(De Va) 16 November 2011

Dear Sister of My have written my heart to the universe...hugs you so wonderful to read your you my sister.

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Romeo Della Valle 15 November 2011

You really have presented to the Poetry World a reservoir of beautiful and penning words that clearly manifests your great poetic talent! Great job done here! Thank you for sharing! 10+++ God Bless You for always and keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City...

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*****does he interpret*****

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Oh yes..this happens to me...sometimes i wonder if the one i love sees the world as I see it, , Does he interprets things the way I do.. But anyway, ... if he doesn't...then tell him...let him see things the way you do And for sure..happiness felt, when shared, is so priceless I Love Your Poem Madam

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Captain Cur 09 June 2014

I would venture to say if the person is with you absolutely. Enjoyed this work keep smiling and wishing on stars.

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Expression of the deep love in such a good poem and it is nice.

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Francie Lynch 09 June 2014

Nice write. Economy of words and words working hard.

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